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I'd have a comic myself, but I suck, so this is just how I keep track of the comics I enjoy.
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ah babies
I actually am wondering what his story was, though
oh no
I have to agree with Maria on this. Even if it is just a hoax, they can't risk it, and of course Ky can't be outed.
omg but how cute would it be if Rain was actually that short
...What if she's trans as well and picked up on Rain?
omf rudy u wish

But seriously, this entire thing is cute, sands the tension held by the 'intruder.'
my, was that a pokemon reference?
Yep. Ky is my favorite.
demisexual lesbian? Homoromantic asexual?

either way

if I ever have a kid, I want an Alan
...To be totally honest, I might've just drawn him with a vagina.
December 24th, 2012
Lynn, yer killin' me, here .-.
I can SMELL the hurt and abandonment issues.
...Oh, dear.
December 24th, 2012
Sexuality IS fluid, after all, and it's not necessarily unheard of for someone to be exclusively attracted to transfolk, or pull transfolk into their earlier-discovered group of attraction. *shrug*
Rain is SO pretty omg I can never get over that
I think ze's genderfluid, or at least genderqueer.
That's what you get for being the twink of the group, Danny.
... *throws things* That certainly wasn't expected O_O well done, Lynn.
September 21st, 2012
flipping tables here, Lynn ;__;