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You shouldn't have to read this to know something about me. by the way, why are you reading this? Stop! Now! ...good. Wait, you still reading? Oh, for heavens sake! Stop.... now! No, seriously, stop! Fine, I'll just stop writing! See how you deal with that!
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@Draven22: Maybe your right... but I still don't and won't like the idea of having a gateway of fans that gives an easy opportunity to be uncreative. I'm not saying ALL of you are not trying to be original. But, many of you aren't and are just shamelessly riding the fan base train. Once again, just my opinion, if you enjoy what you do... do what you want to. It's your decisions to make.
What? Nobody else has plants growing out their back?
@Risky2k Maybe. But I've found WAY more original, better paced, better written drawn comics than sprite comics. Why? Because drawn comics require more time and effort from the author. A truly committed author. Most sonic sprite authors (or whatever they call themselves) don't even make their own comic. They join a sprite showcase or a *gulps out of horror* sprite hotel-like comic. This just shows how much they refuse to be an original, unique identity.

@Draven22 Oh boy, I was waiting for this. Fun? Fun to be part of a community? Yes. But don't you think a community should built of unique individuals with their own unique titles? There are so many clones and so little creativity shared within the culture. Listen, I don't completely hate sprite comics, nor sonic sprite comics specifically. I just can't stand how they don't evolve and just become white noise that blocks out REAL creativity on the site. Fun is one thing, but having the accomplishment of finding a fanbase of original and creative thinkers from your own new idea sounds WAY more fun and rewarding to me.

But, thats just my opinion.
Wow, it's a been 3 months since i posted, so I thought I'd skip to the point. What I say is true. While not all Sonic sprite comics are guilty offenders and some are actually quite good, most of the Sonic comics are like this in some way, and it clouds the path of success for the great webcomic artists and writers that just want to make a steady fan base with their originality and imagination. Many Sonic sprite comics today have no imagination and they are all becoming the same. They are being made to the point of saturation.

Thanks for reading. A new chapter will be along soon.
@Setzur: Yes, believe it or not, it will. I have fair points. And not to mention, the fact that I shouldn't let everyone just make the same comic over and over is something I will talk about later in the comic.
@Setzur: No, no. Listen, I AM trying to insult people. It's the only way to get people attention here. I don't mean to, but the method of doing sonic sprite comics has been done to the point of saturation, where nothing being made is original and doesn't try to be. This needs to stop and this comic is, in a way, telling people how.

Although, there is another issue I wish to talk about in this part of the comic, but I'll get to that later.
@Setzur: Neither, it's a simple statement. I'm simply pointing out that you're following the tide, not striving to be original at all. In all honesty, in my opinion, I think it's doing a lot more bad than good.

It's promoting unoriginality. By no means am I saying you should stop, if it's a form of entertainment for you, do whatever. The real thing I'm peeved about with sprite comics and sonic sprites is something I'll divulge more into as the comic progresses.
@Setzur: In all honesty, I have no problem with him, seriously, I was just looking up random sprite fan characters and his popped up.

Although, for the sake of my argument, your ...character would be better. The dark colour scheme to make him look cool and badass, his weapon... thing. He ridiculous hair style. Not bad, you and many others are keeping this stereotype alive.
Originality is lacking here, but I'm sure you guys will make this hilarious. Excited to hear more.
@Setzur: I'll get to that in due time...
An interesting question you pose.

I'll consider answering it sometime.
This is a joke right? It's purposeful irony right?
@sonicballzx: Hm... after a quick Wikipedia search I have come to the conclusion that you two are right.

Shame on me, fiddle dee dee. Being a pirate is all it can be.
You gave me a great idea! After I'm done roasting Sonic sprite comics! I'll make fun of maple story comics!

Thank you, you have contributed to my crap.
Not going to lie, back when I was a huge fan of DBZ and Bleach. I always wanted to be the badass that could easily take down the main villain.

But, then i turned 10.
Hm... I wonder if it's the dagnabbit?
@Tigeri102: Wait, what other hate comics are out there?
@sonicmaster05: Conclusion: uh... um... your face! Yah! ...there.

I win.