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November 20th, 2014
aw i loved it! more pls
@Eilonwyn-chan: eek! I suddenly became overwhelmed with freelance work and I didn't have any time to work on my comic... One day... DX So sorry everyone ^^;;;;;;
@~^_^~: welcome back! :)
@Seeric_black: Yay a new fan ^^ Thank you for the compliments!
Hello, I will be taking a short week hiatus to catch up on some work. We shall be back April 9th... :D
@FireBorg: Yeah, it was pretty far back haha. She's the one who ran into the forest, pulling Eli in with her. Then Eli smacked into a tree because the forest got very dark and the dog got away. They stayed in the forest to find Pebbles, and lookie, they did! Hope that refreshes your memory! ^^
@FireBorg: thanks!! i totally missed that blurgh! @.@;;;;;
And we're back! Digital downloads will not be available for this chapter because... it hasn't been completely finished. =X It's about halfway done. ^^ Hopefully, I'll be able to update regularly. Happy reading! :D
@~^_^~: :D :D :D
thanks u guys! :D :D :D
@~^_^~: no its not a bother! ^^ um.. im afraid to tell everyone a date cuz they may never come back! haha.. um prob a month and a half from now? D: I'm a bit overwhelmed with some freelance projects but once I finish them, I will dedicate all my time to my comic! XD
aww thanks u guys :D :D :D
That's the end of chapter 3!

Chapter 4 is on its way... to resume in... 3 weeks maybe? ^^;;;;;
thank you thank you!!! :D
oh lawd i havent even started chapt 4 D:
Sorry for the weird updates! I updated super early today to make up! Hope everyone had a great New Years! :)
eek! sorry! ugh i keep doing that -.-;;;;;
Yes, Merry Christmas everyone! ^^ Or Happy Holidays!!
no hes a weirdo haha