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Hi. Call me Capri. Or Jaleiely. Or Jae. I'll respond to all three. :P Nutella cookies are surprisingly good.
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The first panel of the thing is just the eye, so I can't tell what it is.
The second panel looks a little horse-ish.
The third panel looks like a dragon.
The drawing at the bottom looks like a tiger to me.
I literally lol'd at the tree line. xD I'm going to steal that someday. Just to let you know.

But anyway, Nirako seems like the kind of person to just brush it off, like "Oh, it shocked me, but he's been going through a lot lately and blah blah blah." It's a bit hard to tell without a facial expression (except that initial reaction on the last page).
My first thought was that he's Xan's father...

And the horse shall be called Neral. Because I clicked the randomizer button on my dictionary app until it came up with something cool-sounding. :P
Oh good, I was terrified for a second there (that DC wasn't going to be back for a while).

Anyway, April 1st came and went and I and everyone else I know totally forgot about it (except my friend, whose dad's birthday is that day). But LAST YEAR, I took a screenshot of my dad's desktop, set it as the background, and deleted all the icons (actually just hid them in a folder on the desktop, but whatever). >:3 Fufufufufu...
Baby/chibi characters? :3
Not much, really. Some Rock Paper Cynic, and I just finished reading chapter 55 of Hadashi de Bara wo Fume/Stepping on Roses. And if you ever plan on reading it, stop reading now. This guy, Nozomu, has a crush on *coughcoughfreakishobsessionwithcough* the female MC named Sumi, and it was just revealed that they are long-lost siblings. Incestuous turd.
I don't really draw specific OCs, unless I'm writing a story about them first...I do draw a LOT of anime people...most recently it's been faeries and mermaids. But the most recent OCs I've drawn I think were Cameron & Genevieve, my twins from NaNoWriMo 2011.

As for my first OC, she was never drawn, she basically had a name (Ryan) and was human with the ability of either invisibility or creating forcefields (not totally certain, but I'm pretty sure it was usually/always the latter). Oh wait, I did draw her! Cuz she showed up in a story I was writing early last year that originated from a dream. I need to stop doing that, writing stories that are based off never turns out well for me (or Stephanie, for that matter).
Yus! Of course I shall be there! For both, hopefully...we'll see how much homework this internship decides to give me.

EDIT: But wait...where are you going to post the link(s)?
Tristan. Just because I've had that name in my head lately.
I'm thinking whoever hired Nirako is powerful enough to make the librarian go completely loony...temporarily or permanently.
I like Riza's pose in the bottom-left panel (though I guess it's just the background panel or something like that). ^^;

As for the QotU, she seems to have cooled down a bit so I think she'll try to just let it go.
I think he's going to try and play off like they've been best friends since they were best friends.

...wait, what? I'm not sure if I even understood that. It made sense before I typed it...

Anyway, then they'll be laughing about it all and then Riza will be like "mm, maybe I should apologize to Dae..." and then we go back to Rokenthia.
Tabby. If Dae is so much like Aiden, Tabby, having known Aiden so long, will probably have some good advice.
She's definitely gonna make Riza explain it herself. :P *is having flashbacks to InuYasha*
Cute. x3 Love it.
There's someone there. Raus. Lunos. Luna. Dae. Someone who she'd rather not have listening to her rant. :P
It seems to be...his evil twin...or...something...

Hey, it's the first thing that came to mind! :P
I gotta say, I'm on Dae's side here...Nirako threatened Riza's life, but someone may have been threatening Nirako's life for her to try to kill Riza...