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Hiya! I Nick! I'm a dragon slayer! I met Jeff and Jeremey years and years ago, we completed a few quests together and they even help me get my first wyvern beak! We were the best, most greatest friends ever! Sometimes Brandon would come and then the party really started! I'm blessed by the heavens with well-rounded strength and speed but I don't think that good sometimes. I lost my way from my friends and have been search for them ever since! Where could they be? JEREMEY, JEFF, I'M COMING FOR YOU!
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    Nick "Slim Zimkin" Rose
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From Final TOON Fantasy, to Last Fantasy, Bullet Theater, to Side Quests! Very nice, brother! And I'm mentioned in the newspaper! I caught a record breaking fish!
September 10th, 2007
I like the drawn version the best! :3
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