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In short, I'm a massive nerd, for videogames in particular. Incidentally, if you're anything like me (and I'm guessing that's likely if you're reading my comics) you should check out Game Swag (, it's awesome! And while you're at it, check out my Backloggery (
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And so we return to the monochrome ways of old. It would seem that the colour backgrounds were but a fleeting fancy of mine. Silhouettes are still kicking around though (and not just because they're easier to draw, honest).
Colour? What manner of devilry is this? And silhouettes too! That's right folks, Road to Nowhere is getting all artsy (fartsy is yet to be determined).
Here it is, almost a year in the making, the spectacular, long-awaited return of Road to Nowhere! (Applause)

I'll just leave you all to bask in its magnificence.
And you thought it was dead. I can only apologise once again for the (six month!) delay, but I did have my reasons, including holidays, 3DS, a new comic (check it out here:, university and appendicitis. Still, enough of my excuses; you can now see the latest chapter in the slowly unfolding battle between Nonoko and Cheren! Enjoy!
Yay! Shoulder angels! Everyone's favourite comedy staple makes it's much anticipated (?) Road to Nowhere debut, was it worth the month-long wait?
Do you know how tempting it is to say "the Cake Man is a lie"? I won't stoop that low though and... wait... Ah nuts.

Anyway, now that the Cake Man facade has been dropped, enter the diabolical Mr. Hilter! What twisted schemes has he in store I wonder?
Another shocking twist! Just who is this "Cake Man" and what will he bring to the table (besides cake)?
Nibbler's alive! He's a little worse for wear, sure, but he should be fine after a bit of rest. Maybe.

But, what is Kronk up to? Why is he so angry? And what is he talking about? Does he have a history with Alice and Bob? Find out all this and more in the next exciting installment of "Road to Nowhere"!
Well, here it is, the first step on our trip down the Road to Nowhere.What's going on, who is this mysterious shadowy person, and what's going to happen to Alice and Bob? Beats me.

Anyway, Hi everybody! I'm the first of your authors, Actionfighter! You may know me as the guy that draws "A Pokemon White Adventure", or you may not I guess (*shameless plug*if so, then go check it out! It's hosted on this very same site!*shameless plug*). In case anyone's worrying, no this does not mean I'm abandoning that comic for this one. I'll be back on page 4, but for now I'll leave you in the hands of my co-authors, whom I'll let introduce themselves if they so wish.
Another month without a comic! I sincerly apologise for this massive delay, the comic was put on hiatus until I managed to procure a copy of Manga Studio for myself, which as you can see, I did. It's a massive improvement on the drawing process and makes the finished product look a lot nicer as well, win win! See for yourself how it's improved by comparing this with previous pages.
A whole month without a new page! You'd be well within your rights to assume this comic dead and tune off en masse. Well, you'd be wrong, it's back, and hopefully for good this time! Apologies are in order though, it's just that with a lot of holidays and stuff going on I haven't had much time to draw this lately.

Anyhow, Cheren takes to the stage this time, will he best Belle and topple the mighty Nonoko? Only time will tell, but at least he managed to save Belle from a brutal murdering.
Nonoko suffers the greatest pain any girl will ever have go through, not childbirth, but the loss of a Fire Emblem save file. I feel for you.

Sorry for the delay on this one, but life and 3DS got in the way.
The dust settles on this almighty clash, and Nonoko emerges as victor! Poor old Belle, she's gonna get a lot of this.
It's all action this time folks! Will Nonoko be able to recover from this hit? And will she ever get to reunite with her estranged father? Find out next time on "A Pokemon White Adventure"!
You can cut the tension with a knife.
Belle gives us an important life lesson today. Remember kids, if anyone's in your way just shove them down! Patience is for losers after all.
Tsutaja it is! Picking the grass starter is another tradition of mine, one I've upheld since Red.
What possible wonders could await inside that box? Gold? Jewels? Uranium? The tension is killing me!
Actually, I've already finished the game a while ago. So things like the Pokemon I use throughout are already decided.
Belle makes her, um graceful, entrance into Nonoko's house. I hope it wasn't too valuable.