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Hi there! Most of the comics I have on here are abandoned, but please take a quick look if you want! I just use this to fav comics I like :)
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Just wanna let you know the link's not working! But congrats! :D
In regards to the "May I keep", "May" is grammatically correct there, because "Can" implies that he is asking "Do I have the ability to keep a bunny?", whereas "May" is more "Am I allowed to keep a bunny?" BUT, as you said, you wanted him to not know much about grammar, so Can is fine, and generally accepted now a days anyway :D
Oh ho I think I know what's happened! Lol
Thank you for this! That was by far one of the best comics I have read and I hope you make some more works in the future! (maybe more about these two?) Congratulations on finishing and well done! Red xxxx
THAT'S why the body was only 3 miles in! Oh clever you!
Everything comes back around in this story, it's amazing! Nothing someone says ever goes unresolved. Very clever! xxx
Thank you :) I was waiting for this. xxx
Stop being such a symbolism master!
D'aw this is so cute! xxx
YEEEESSSSSSS! *happy dance!*
Thank you.
Aw YES Sonia you angel!
Oh F- Dammit no Sonia! Oh please go back please....... *you and your cliffhangers giving us hope damn you* Lol :)
Oh you clever little person, you!
That- Is the most beautiful symbolism I've ever seen. *cries and retreats to a corner with her feels*
OH wow Happy Birthday!
Aw, bless Sonia :) stop keeping us in suspense I wanna know the decision aaaah!
Congratulations!!! I hope you have a very happy life together! xxx
Just realised the girl is wearing nothing lol
Congratulations I'm sure you'll have an amazing beautiful day! We're rooting for you! Red xxx
I've just finished watching Tarzan. Then I click on this page. Crazy creepy much?!
Oh-Ho I'm thinking that the "Does William know where I am moment" is going to going to re-appear later... X)
November 29th, 2012
I totally understand, we all have to make money some how! But, does this mean you won't post on smackjeeves at all? xxx
Every year my parents and I buy a new decoration for our Christmas tree from where ever we've been on holiday. When I was a baby it had hardly anything and now we struggle to find space! It's really special... :D