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Check my youtube page and see it there.
I'm too lazy to give you information. :P
apart from...Maybe...I LIVE IN BRITAN!
I'm bloody proud of it too. :3
...Not like there's much left to be proud of.

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Comment on 01-Beginning of the End of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
hellfire14, Jun 8 2015 1:06PM
*Yaaawn* (Stretches)
Well, that was a nice long break. :D

Now let's see how my favourite webcomics are coming along. I can't imagine they've changed that mu...Wait...New banner...Updated...5 DAYS AGO? ;o_o

...OK, OK...OK. She's just started. Good. *sigh* ;-o-
...(frantically reads to catch up) XD
Comment on Ship just got real of Regular Comic
hellfire14, 08 Nov 2014 01:32 pm
@Blackhunter1000: Thanks for being so understanding. :D
*sigh* I'll get round to updating this comic one day. XD
Comment on Ship just got real of Regular Comic
hellfire14, 08 Nov 2014 08:06 am
@Blackhunter1000: ...I really do appologise for this. I've had a comic strip the works for a while, but...I guess I've gotten out of the groove. I mean, damn. A whole year? >_<
Comment on Other side of the story of A PT Comic
hellfire14, Nov 08 2014 07:59 am
Wow. Puts the "Sh" into Shame and Shallow. XD
Comment on Getting the necklace of A PT Comic
hellfire14, Nov 08 2014 07:57 am
Huh. Looks like it's up to the neutral ground to decide. :D
Sorry about not commenting for a while. Too much videogames. XD
Comment on 028 of Pokemon: Rising Shadows
hellfire14, Nov 08 2014 07:55 am
Pout, pout, Naya...Pout, pout. XD
Sorry I sounded like an advertisment last comment...That was kinda awkward. ;^_^
And...Sounds fun. Guess we'll just have to post stuff then. XD
Comment on 017 of Pokemon: Rising Shadows
hellfire14, Oct 18 2014 04:44 pm
Whoa. Facny door. :O
Sorry for not being here for a while. ;^_^
Videogames happened. Specifically a 3DS and a games hosting program known as steam. XD
Again. Sorry. Missed ya. ;D
Comment on [Page] 405 of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
hellfire14, Oct 18 2014 4:40PM
Oof. Dramatic. You're a damn good storyteller, Gigi.
If you'd pardon my French. ;^_^
Comment on [Page] 378 of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
hellfire14, Sep 25 2014 12:35PM
Wow...I've got a lot of catching up to do. XD
Comment on The Meeting - Pt.8 of Kirby's Dream Adventure
hellfire14, Sep 02 2014 03:14 am
@Jeana Star: Thankuu~ :3
It took me a while to get it. X3

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