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    *Nyah* :3 *Pounces*
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*Yaaawn* (Stretches)
Well, that was a nice long break. :D

Now let's see how my favourite webcomics are coming along. I can't imagine they've changed that mu...Wait...New banner...Updated...5 DAYS AGO? ;o_o

...OK, OK...OK. She's just started. Good. *sigh* ;-o-
...(frantically reads to catch up) XD
@Blackhunter1000: Thanks for being so understanding. :D
*sigh* I'll get round to updating this comic one day. XD
@Blackhunter1000: ...I really do appologise for this. I've had a comic strip the works for a while, but...I guess I've gotten out of the groove. I mean, damn. A whole year? >_<
Wow. Puts the "Sh" into Shame and Shallow. XD
Huh. Looks like it's up to the neutral ground to decide. :D
Sorry about not commenting for a while. Too much videogames. XD
Pout, pout, Naya...Pout, pout. XD
Sorry I sounded like an advertisment last comment...That was kinda awkward. ;^_^
And...Sounds fun. Guess we'll just have to post stuff then. XD
Whoa. Facny door. :O
Sorry for not being here for a while. ;^_^
Videogames happened. Specifically a 3DS and a games hosting program known as steam. XD
Again. Sorry. Missed ya. ;D
Oof. Dramatic. You're a damn good storyteller, Gigi.
If you'd pardon my French. ;^_^
Wow...I've got a lot of catching up to do. XD
@Jeana Star: Thankuu~ :3
It took me a while to get it. X3
Yeah, I expected ghost types to be freaking terrifying abominations in a nuzlocke, so...Yeah, great job. XD
Her! HER! HIM! You? Me? Why? How? Who? What?
Who knew Magikarps were so effective? XD
Yaaaayyy~ referencessss XD
@Therater2: That's...Still alive, right? At least we know he hasn't forgotten about us. Being an adult is busy sometimes. :3
I mean, some opportunities can arise to get something done, but...Sometimes you're just too tired or you want to enjoy yourself. There's nothing wrong with doing things when you don't want to do them...It's just I understand how he feels. :/
It could either be a unannounced hiatus, or he's just been busy. I'm certain he hasn't forgotten we're here.
@Nekomata-chan: A guy called Nico gives an intro to the two games (the ones for the DS) with a series of paper cut-outs stuck on card and shown in sequence to tell a story. In less technical terms, he did what lucy just did. X3
Yeaaaahh! I mean, Amber didn't exactly help "the others" be evil...Her alignment is yet to be revealed. :D
Give it a red handprint and a smiley face, and you're all set. XD
Reminds me of the openings of the Toon Link Legend Of Zelda games (at least the ones for the DS XD)
Heh. Naya went "Mrrr". That's cute. :D
I like houndour and their evolutions. Probably something to do with my username. XD
Cute puppy is cute. :'D
Sorry I haven't commented in a while. I went into a "No reading - all gaming" phase for a bit. X3