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Hey Im Fixer, Fix for short, arogantly calling myself Wise, im not smart but i think it's wise to do my best to widen my knowlage.

Im in the heart of central Europe but Webcomics are my game, among other things

My Current Work is Shapeshifter whitch i will not upload right now beause i want to re do the first 2 chapters "i know you can barely contain yourselves"

It is on DeviantArt if you're interested, of Search for Fixer444
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    Attila Bajcsi
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Hope to see you there <=== CLICK HERE FOR CHAPTER 3 EARLY! (1$/month)
@Ionic Defibrillator: We'll just have to wait and see o.o/
Tomorrow is the day
I start uploading pages again
The remake teaser begins here.
This is where the story starts again. Everything you read until now, has been deleted, Shapeshifter starts once more, I'm still remaking it, as of this time, this is just a prologue showing you what it's going to look like now, and to tease you a little. I hope all of you enjoy this prologue.
Congratulations to all!
I just noticed he has Naruto-like whiskers lolz ^^ cool so far keep'em coming
Get UUP!!
@Black Collar: well then, I can give you advice too, try using Manga studio, it makes your lines look sweet, I also reccomend getting a tablet.
Great work
I've been meaning to ask, what software are you using?

Also, you must be doing something right, if your getting fans the way you do, I never had more then 7
Practice makes perfect
If I may ask, how much do you draw for practice like a day?
If only I had as much time to work on my manga like you. I'll toon in to you
Painfull memories of youth coming up perhaps?
I like it
Very good, im impressed, keep it up ^^