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I am a huge anime fan, manga as well. I am student the the Art Institute so I am learning more and more everyday (even if it isn't fun)
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Those pillows look so comfy *0*
Of course the hotness sleeping on them makes it look even better :D
August 18th, 2011
the Zipper?
I never went on this ride personally but my friends did, they always wanted me to join int x.x
August 17th, 2011
so if Shuno's 32 how old does that make Kaito....?????
I wanna hug him. But I also wanna be a fangirl and see what happens next haha.
Good luck on your exams! You can do it!!
I like the style of it even if there are no shadows or highlights :)
I like the quickness to your style :P
I hope you saw the warning. It could be a prank but I haven't seen it on any other pages on smackjeeves :(