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rawrs for my sweets
Well lets just say that most people in the real world don't know how naughty i actually am. I'm a very bad girl i might need someone to punish me
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oh i love the reference to placebo there i love that song and the video
thats right its badass its so badass that i might want to join its gang just so i can be close to the badassyness oh and its very pretty and colorful i love it
WHOO!!! RELAUNCH!!! relaunch party time guys! looks great as usual
OMG how cute and sweet i get like fluffy goosebumps inside my stomach even though hes kinda an ass i still love him cause he does stuff like this XD sooo cute
im probably the only one who thinks this but that was HOTT!!!! i love men who show their dominance
OMG HOTT thats it f*** daniel matt and simon are my new wanna be pairing this picture officially changed my mind it was that hot
spicy and sweet
i don't hate him hes to CUTE i get distracted im starting to hope for a joshua matt but i know theres good in daniel i know it i believe

but of course i wouldnt mind a little something something from the cute side of life you know something more sweet instead of spicy
Special bastard? i always put my hopes up that he will eventually love daniel
Cute vs Sexy
*cries* you make it so hard to stick to my DanielxMatt pairing with scenes like this who wouldn't become an MattxJoshua fan but i must be strong i don't know how much cuteness i can take.

When did it become that cute and sexy had to battle its too hard of a decision i can't go on *shoots myself*
ooo how naughty of him it seems he has a little interest in nurses but heck if i was a guy i would prob have the same.... XD nevermind forget it
ooo i love the hatter he's my favorite character with his silly dumb-witted ways who wouldn't fall for that

and you are right KyY panel nine is very rape-able kudos to you for pointing that out for us i seriously wouldn't have noticed it

i swear i'm not making fun

and omg i can tell that im gonna love this comic HATTER HAS A TWIN that is like the best news ever and even better shes dead and does experiments

oh to have a twin
its kinda sad that the first thing my eyes notice on the last panel was the elephant it took me awhile to get away from the elephant to notice there was a naked man on the bed! how innocent am i that i notice something cute before i notice the smex in life! how sad :( i dont deserve to be reading your hot and steamy stories but since i love them i will anyways oh and ps i love chai tea especially blended but i hate all other tea weird i know but chai reminds me a christmas how can you resist that
i do hope you find the carols they were soo cute when they first came out when it was i do forget but that doesnt matter does it but all i really hope for is for you to have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS oh and i wish i could appear like that in front of people
i love the new revamp of the story so far but i was wondering if you were going to make another hanl christmas carol again i loved them so much and i still cant sing the real songs right i always sing your lyrics instead
My family says that to me all the time also and i think that it might be slang for it though it sounds nothing like any other slang ive heard but maybe if you look in like an urban dictionary but idk but i love your little thought bubble when i saw it i got instantly red very nice
to all the people confused by the hand gesture it means that he wants to have sexual relations with Sebastian and that is like the least crude way i can say it and if you still dont get it try doing the gesture stick the finger towards the hole and move and hopefully youll get it by then and if you dont ask your parents
The Pervy Club
HAHA your stick figure looks like a model all tall and super thin and i love being a perv with you i have always been one and im proud to always be one and im glad that you are in the club with all of us.. its a fun club to be in thats for sure
omg i would have died writing something like that i mean i read it all the time but to write it is a totally different story and i love your door very colorful and the puppy... or is it a bunny well anyways it is very very cute well i hope you get better.. you sound really bad but how could it get worse from that...... and yes i know it can get worse and i hope i didnt just jinx you and if i did im sorry
oh my sooo cute i so used to be a joshua/matt fan but after these last few pages you have now turned me into a daniel/matt fan daniel is soo cute and sweet and sexy who wouldnt love that
5 BUCKS!!!
HAHA i love ash's comment i would so say that to someone well i would at least say get well soon and in the ps put the $5 part