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The hell kinda website still uses square profile pics I should be disgusted.


Discord: Macie#9908
Twitter: @HyperTurtle32
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Nice joke I loved it
Oh cool I guess I'm a character now
Obligatory comment
This page was always one of my favorites.
I loved this stupid joke
He will be missed

When is the funeral I need to mark my calendar
I forgot what my original comment was supposed to be for this page.

The shadow janitor joke came about in case somebody else wanted their character to be the school janitor.

Trivia, I guess.
@Smiffy SMF <3: this is why we aren't best friends anymore
@felicityfox: Silence, peon.
He lacks the mouth with which to ingest any manner of substance.
If thou dare question mine authority once more I shalt trounce you where you stand, not but a speck will remain.
It occurred to me after making this page that Chuckles is a robot and does not eat food. But he could probably find another use for the sandwich anyway.

(Also I should probably credit the artist for that image on Lumin's phone in the second panel, here.)
<img src=" b36e8a-5958-4da4-88ad-bcba0f70a17b/dcy3e0y-b0cfad96-d1d7-48c3-b161-54a1daf2f71e.png " >
None of you commented on the posters in my last update I hate all of you.

Sprite page will update idk never, ask me if you need them.
@Bringer_of_light: I can always count on you, my best friend Neroe, to make me feel good about everything I make.
It took me 4 more to think of this author comment.
Last one I swear
I'll make actual pages now I swear
I'll make those 3 pages I scripted half a year ago I swear
I'm swearing a lot, viewer discretion is advised
<img src=" b36e8a-5958-4da4-88ad-bcba0f70a17b/dcvvyg3-e039310b-ce78-4a18-9835-41b32b59323f.png " >
My New Year's resolution is to update SAZ
<img src=" b36e8a-5958-4da4-88ad-bcba0f70a17b/dcvttl2-f82d0538-9d58-403b-ae5a-b914fe093e81.png " >