When you can't think of anything clever for your description.

Fuck that's not clever either.
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I feel like there's going to be a lot of kicking in this comic.
Should I start a kick counter?
If something gets kicked within the next 3 pages I'm starting a kick counter.
Another relic from 2011 here.
His original name was "Monic" and since I obviously don't want a character with such a stupid name, but don't like changing the names of my old characters, I changed a few letters but kept the pronunciation the same.
Believe it or not, he actually wasn't named after Sonic, not directly anyway. He was named after a character from the webcomic called "inSONICnia" made by Kajin back when MFZ was still around. Kajin's character, sharing the same name, was Metal Sonic from an alternate universe, the name was shortened to "Monic".
Don't know why 2011 me thought it was a good idea to use that name for some other character though.

Design notes and changes:
The first design is obviously a recolor of Shadow with Tails's hair tuft thing. Nothing special there.

The second design was made by MR sonicrouge. I took the jacket, pants, and shoes from this design when making the current design.

The third design was a revamp a while after that. I'm not sure why he had sleeves but no shirt, odd design choice on my part. The quills, color scheme, and boots were all modeled after this design.

The final design includes a version with and without boots. Most of the work for this was actually done last year, but I hadn't finished the arms until just now. I'll likely add some minor touch-ups to theses sprites in the future.

MR sonicrouge - second 2011 sprite
SEGA/Sonic Team - Original Sonic The Hedgehog series sprites
Myself - all other sprites

Rules regarding usage:
-You CANNOT use these sprites unless I grant you special permission.
-You CANNOT use this character unless I grant you special permission.
-You cannot claim these sprites as your own work
-Do NOT post this anywhere. If you see this posted anywhere except for my DeviantArt or SmackJeeves account, it is most likely stolen. If you find stolen sprites please notify me immediately.
Also waddle dee dies from starvation 2 months later so we'll probably never see him again.
I should probably make more pages

Also the motion blur came out like shit because I can't make comics

Also those waddle dee sprites were by game-boy09 but I forgot to say that last time bucause bf6bd3unaIUSVWBRRT
So if I can ascertain anything out of this comic's new cover, banner, and first page, it's that this comic is now about kirby kicking waddle dee in the face.
Honestly, I ain't about to do it.
My phone doesn't have texting anyway.

But if some braver soul than I messages me for the info I'll send them what I think is his number. I don't feel too bad giving it out cuz it wasn't that hard to find, but I'm not about to post it somewhere for all eyes to see.
Not sure how committed you are to finding him, but by searching up his email I might have found his phone number and where he lives.

It might be outdated though.

It might be kinda weird to call someone about a webcomic that died 6 years ago but figured I'd let you know anyway.
You mourn the poor lost souls.

You then remember neither of them had souls.
@EXFalchion: are smoothies juice

question mark
I was told to update so i did
<img src="http://www.smackjeeves.com/images/uploaded/comics/f/b/k/fbkg32uuhN6Sk.png ">
<img src="http://www.smackjeeves.com/images/uploaded/comics/f/b/k/fbkg32uuhN6Sk.png ">
You use the text to keep the hole open, but the tangibility of the text is inconsistent, allowing you to pass through it.
Ultizeta's comment, except instead of using the text as a battering ram you move it into the barrier, thus teleporting yourself inside the barrier.
The radio is revealed to secretly be Dr Wily in disguise, a disguise he was forced into by General Joe X in an attempt to hide him from Toadman.
I originally made Keith for a Sonic comic back in the day that never even made it past 10 pages in length.
Keith was supposed to be the sonic of Scourge from the Archie comics, which was a horrible idea in more ways than I can count.

I've since heavily rewritten his backstory and character(not that much was there before), in case I ever do anything with him. He still has his psychic powers, but they're significantly less broken than they used to be.
He also still remains as some weird hedgehog-cat hybrid, previously my only reason for that was "it looked cool", but I've written him to be from a planet where the species evolved differently to explain that.

Design notes and changes:
I have no clue what I was doing with the last sprite in row 1. I don't think I ever planned on using it, but it was so long ago I fail to remember.
The 2013 sprites was never finished, it may look finished but I was never satisfied with it and planned to go back to it later.
In the 2014 sprite, I decreased the stripes on his spines down to just one and removed the goggles. This sprite was also never finished.
The head for the 15/16 sprites was resized and edited off the 2014 sprite.
In the 15/16 sprites*, I tried to give him a more regal or royal looking outfit to match his role of being a prince, which was an aspect of the oldest design that stayed.
The metal sonic version of him was pretty much something i just did out of boredom.
Speaking of stuff I did out of boredom, I was editing my sprites for a sort of 'what if' alternate universe thing (Similar to underswap). In doing this I found I actually liked Keith's design better after the swap and made that his regular design for the time (See second to last sprite in 15/16 row)
Starting in 2017 I did a few minor edits to the most recent version to improve his design before going in and redoing the bulk of the sprite. Changed his eye color, because yellow looked better on him.

Fun fact: The last sprite on here to be publicly released is sprite 4 in the 2011 section.

*I don't have records for the exact dates for a lot of these, so I grouped together the ones that were either from 2015 or 2016.

Sonic Mod Gen Project Team - Base for the 2013 sprite
Shinbs - Base for 2014 sprite

---------Rules regarding usage----------
-You CANNOT use these sprites unless I grant you special permission.
-You CANNOT use this character unless I grant you special permission.
-You cannot claim these sprites as your own work
-Do NOT post this anywhere. If you see this posted anywhere except for my DeviantArt or SmackJeeves account, it is most likely stolen.

Also, I've updated MN's design a little since the last update:
<img src="http://img2.smackjeeves.com/images/uploaded/comics/1/2/6/12669duwon7i48.p ng">
sick jojoke bro
Do I get a prize for finding the fritos?
Because I did but I'm not going to bother proving it if I don't get a prize.
inb4 lightningrod