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When you can't think of anything clever for your description.

Fuck that's not clever either.


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Still less dumb than speaking a literal sword into existence.
I just wanna say that I love every page of this comic so far
Chuckles is best bus driver
Smiffy is my favorite Pokemon is Smiffy going to be in this comic
@TimeSceo: good thing there aren't any
Mexican is a cool language

(oh also I forgot that I should probably mention that the sombrero was made by DMZapp but shhhhh don't tell anybody it'll just be a secret between me and you and nobody else I trust you won't tell anybody because we're friends and friends don't go telling other people they're friends's's's secrets because that means they're bad friends)
Why is Chuckles not Buffles
you did good smifferz
Silly Jesus
That kills people
He's so silly
Neroe is gay hehe it funny
@The Magnificent Z: The similarities were actually a coincidence, I didn't even notice before you pointed it out.
I figured making a dbz joke a chapter late would be forgiven by buff chuckles.
I'm not certain if they're actually in the lead or not, I dunno where the fuck anyone is.
Also this page has nothing to do with Valentine's Day.

Except for the fact that Chuckles is lovely.
This was funny in my head. I'm not sure if it's actually funny or not.

I hope Smiffy isn't mad that I killed his character.
The book probably wasn't even an instruction manual to begin with.
I had this page half-done for over 3 weeks and by the time I got around to finishing it the joke stopped being funny to me so I made two pages.

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Don't bully SecondChuckles