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Hey! I'm a freelance artist and aspiring animator, currently working on a pilot for my very own animated series! Expect some more info soon!

Youtube: Kcspice
Instagram: Kai_The_Art_Guy
This is a beautifully rendered comic
@Q. Mchale: I made them a looooong time ago
Look at that
Video game characters! That's what you want isn't it
Everyone flood his profile
This is how I feel about these comics. I wanna take them in a more serious direction, but y'all just wanna see the Mario and Sonic stuff. But Mawio is great at what he does, so even though I'm teasing him, you should give him a look.

Also, post something ya butthole, I know you got finished pages
Some rewrites have been made
So I'm using some plot elements I intended to use for this series and decided to scrap them for a more interesting storyline.
What if, instead of waiting around for more evil to arise, if Malachi ruled over the galaxy he's been defending for several years? I'm gonna try and post more snippets here and there
Here's a scene I wanted to make down the road!
It's fun to play around with some old assets after a long while
Breath of the Wild
After the battle, Maria find Malachi looking over Eden from a plateau. She thanks him for stopping Atom's reign of terror, but Malachi swears that if he could've prevented all of this from happening if he had only fought alongside Sarah. Nigel walks up with a beer he recieved from a GUN soldier, and reaffirms Malachi that they should focus on the future and not get caught up in the past.

"Whatever happens, we'll always be here to fight."
I hate seeing this unfinished
So ever since the new year came around, I've been busy with college and working on the animated series, and I've given up spriting as a whole, now focusing on my drawings instead. But every now and then I'll come back here and see my profile with all these unfinished comics and it makes me upset that I never truly finished what I started.
I figure whatever readers I have left are tired of seeing sprites kicking and punching each other in still frame panels, so I'm not gonna show the whole scene.
Originally, Malachi would try and fight Atom and Tai on his own but get mercilessly beaten. Nigel Maria and Grace all step in and assist him, and together, they attack Tai, giving Malachi time to fight Atom. Maria and Grace give the final blow to Atom, killing their enslaver.
I have one more page after this that will go up on Friday. Even if no one see's it, it'll at least give me closure on this series.
Till then~
Maybe something new
I don't know if anyone actually wants to see more from this project, no one's commenting yet... But this comic technically is part of a larger story I'm currently working on. This concept art will be the last thing I post, unless you, the viewer, ask for more. Until then, I will get back to work.
January 20th, 2017
Follow the Link
YOOOO I DIG IT!!! Thanks Jet!!!!
January 13th, 2017
Goin outta orda'
Cause fuckin why not
January 13th, 2017
Might still happen
So I think I'm gonna set up a new profile here on SJ and post progress of the animated series, and as for this comic, I might continue posting posters like this.
@Shard Merry Chrysler
January 8th, 2017
OK so I'm MAINLY focusing on the animated project RN but I'm still gonna try to work this in somehow
December 21st, 2016
Pilot Page 2
Still getting in some practice
My new format
As I said in the newsletter, Overdrive will be my final sprite comic, period. Consider Carnage City and Crossroads canceled. However, I think what you're getting in return is a more than fair trade off.
Not ONLY am I making a hand drawn comic (Eve) but I'm also making a 10 episode animated series based on the Farlanders! It's not a reboot either, it's a completely different story, just with some of the same characters (playing completely different roles BTW)
Just something to look forward to :)
Here we go
My final sprite project. Hope you like it
The Finale
Here we go, the last batch of pages!