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I like to draw, read and write manga, foremostly!
Also I enjoy to read novels, play music, and game.
I'm a university student, and hope to become a teacher one day.
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reply to nattherat
Hey there, thanks for the comment. ^^

Haha, yeah it was one my favourites to draw as well. My feeling next time would bejust to have her as a model in a slice of life ish thing.

Yeah, I worked much harder on other panels than others mostly because this was a bit rushed. And also it was the first attempt at a strip manga in years.

Regardless I've learnt from my mistakes and my latest manga "Your Heart's Greatest Wish," should be out soon!

Thanks again for the comment.
I read quite a lot of this, I'm really impressed!! Your style is really awesome! Good job on this, my favourite parts are when he is playing music, and the notes seem to curve around the page