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I like cats, anime, manga, cartoons, books, movies and generally wasting time. Fave authors are Neil Gaimen and Jane Austen. Fave books Pride and Prejudice, Stardust, Howl's Moving Castle. Fave movies: Fight Club, Ever After. Fave tv shows: Arrested Development, My Name is Earl, Scrubs, the Office (US), Pete and Pete. Fave cartoons: Invader Zim, the Tick, Aughh! Real Monsters, Darkwing Duck, Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans. Fave anime: Escaflowne (*_* obsessed...), 12 Kingdoms, Ranma, Hare Nochi Guu, Azumanga Daioh. Fave manga: Blade of the Immortal, Chobits, Rayearth, Cardcaptor Sakura, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Hot Gimmick, Caravan Kidd, Yuukako Iisaka manga!!!! >_<
Fave food: ... food... hamburgers, lasagna, salad, cheese, sandwiches... apple pie. Least favorite words: scoop, scrumptious. Hater of: peas, pepper (not the green ones), beans (blech!), chewing noises
Long time, no see
Thank you for your support and praise. ^^ I'm glad you like it. I've been thinking about either finishing it or starting it over. I look back at that first page and shudder.
At any rate, if it ever gets finished, it will be released as a graphic novel and, hopefully, contain another cute little story about a sea monster that won't be quite as depressing.
Sometimes I forget to upload here... Sorry. ^^; When I remember, I do a batch, though, so stick around.
I wonder if I'm getting these days right...
Snake! Dun dun da duh duh. Duh duh DUH!
So, yes. Today, you get a double. Because I love you and am lazy.
Effing hell. I forgot to post here. Heh heh! That's what happens when you post 3 months' worth and then start suddenly doing it weekly. You forget.
I can't find it and I'm too lazy to rifle through all these cds... Anyhoo... Lilia gets drug off by the wolf and Kisa is left to yank her sword out of the tree, grumbling all the while.
Ha ha ha! ^^; There's a page missing. Heh heh. ^^;
@XxEmoxX Thanks. ^_^ There's plenty more to come. ^^

@TokyoD Heh heh. ^_^ Nope. S'a pomeranian. ^^
Yeah, I could see that.
Heh heh. ^^
Thanks. ^^ This is one of my favorites. ^^
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