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Well, I'm just a 15 year old foreigner living in England....

But certainly I'm not normal.

Why? My friends and I are one big joke...Polish, Latvian, Chinese, Danish and English walk into a pub....yes, that's us. -.-"

I never said that I'm right in the head, but that comes with being awesome and a self-proclaimed Genius, eh?

In my free time I read comics on SmackJeeves, waste away my life on Facebook, use DeviantArt Journal as my personal diary, draw Yaoi Smut for my dear Latvian friend and read Fanfiction. Sometimes, just sometimes, I revise for my upcoming exams but that comes with a great pain and lots of ice cream.

I also have no life. Clearly, because I can quote stuff from A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel, know way-too-much about Harry Potter off-by-heart and I watch too many videos on YouTube (RayWilliamsJohnson's =3, Shane Dawson, Charlie McDonnell, Alex Day...) - multiple times, and comment on 99.9% of them.

I like Llamas.
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The first panel is probably the thing I've been waiting for since I started reading this.
Wallis is more awesome this time round.
Still love Harold more. I could keep him in my basement and... *muttermuttermutter* O//////////////////O
I am in love with Leighton's gay 'hang on a second' pose.
@Legerdimain: What do you mean? They do! xD
You should sell this print on t-shirts! I would so buy one :D
This comic is now 20% more awesome.
Who's your 'special pony'? *hint hint* ;0
Instant favourite from me. I want more! :D
Adult?! Not cool, dude, not cool.
D: You were supposed to break the rulez here, with us and stay not-adult forevah!
But then again, as an adult you're allowed to do shit that us under-18's can't do.
Happy early b-day!
Wait, first of I'm loving this manga.
If they're related, wouldn't their love be like...incest?
Yay~ Another page!
Wait, what happened to Hirn? *concerned*
This page broke my heart! D:
@cupEcake: Why, I hope he gets with his best friend, of course!
*swoon* Doctor... <3
Cute? More like hot!
I laughed so much...Is it wrong that I adore seeing others being asses towards Gilles? Its just so easy to tick him off...
:O I want him!
Damn, HOT HOT HOT! :D Love this <3
Daaamn. Shit scary. Its a freaking evil animal, not a man! Good!
someone has to be the animal, especially in bed ;)
Love his eyes!