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im a girl with a lot of ideas for comics so i joined smackjeeves i hope yous will enjoy them i can draw wolves but not really people but i will learn for all of you

5 facts about me

1. i luv wolves , cookies and my friends

2. im easy to get on with

3. i have a fave comic on smack jeeves called pink-black

4. im not a really good drawer -_- but i try :D

5. i luv to make friends
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February 22nd, 2011
im lovin the comic terence is still my fave character and wow hes a big jumper and i never knew you hurt your hand hope it gets alot better and awesome your parents are medics lol and sifris is too sweet to let terence sleep out side and i wounder whos sayin ''OH my'' lol
February 21st, 2011
i luv this comment and aww poor terence loke your a meany but coll so far terence is my fav character and i think he will always be