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I'm a complete goofball; who likes to draw comics about pokemon; naruto; bleach, etc.... you know, anime. though; I'm working on a comic that maybe comic on smackjeeves >.<

oh yeah; expect random stuff if I'm in a collab... weird and random stuff xD and, sometimes, I'll do something pretty damn good... but I'm lazy... so yeah....
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Omg the last panel LOL xD It would be neat seeing the rest of the cast drawn in that style, though.
August 10th, 2012
Rune get over it, and save the guy!


If you can.
How do you feel about triple chocolate ice-cream cake with an Oreo cookie bottom? I have some if you want any. :3
Oh the irony
When I finally get to look at this page; In the living room 'we will rock you' starts playing LOL
WOO!! so many hufflepuffs! :DD

Y u no have fav button? ;~; this comic is too cool to just leave alone.


No comment. *runs away with a nose bleed*
Mika don't go!

And you, Alex! *grabs Alex's shoulders and shakes him* TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL ALREADY!!!!!!! D:
Well; I would write a song, but...
I'm no good with lovely-doveyness, so it just turns out creepy :/
What do you guys mean by look at his arm, why is everyone talking about his arm?! LOOK AT HIS SIDE! O_O IT's IN THE MOST HIDEOUS SHAPE!

Boy you better live from this ;~;
I totally miss this place ;~; I keeping forgetting to add pages.

For a plot; I honestly like having the different backgrounds for trainers for sending them in the Daycare; but have a storyline based within the daycare, or events or whatnot. I tend to like making up neat little things to make happen in places.
Wow, Kenneth is being really considerate O_O
June 1st, 2012
Huh? was was Rune so sad at the first of it? :C
Well, am I the only one who thinks this lady is actually evil? I mean, the friggn' bomb is RIGHT THERE, and she tries to seem all nice, and grabs his hand. Does she really wanna blow up :/
May 23rd, 2012
Soooo, Apparently Hades is going to get himself some tail >;3 /Shot
Awwww~ Kenneth looks so sweet in this page >w<
@blue: Yup, it's what I thought it was *nods* I've been trying to figure out that program for months so I could make Utau models for mmd, but I eventually gave up on that type of thing, since I sucked at it .-.
Yup, I Agree. It would be good if we all gotten active again :3

Though, mind you, my comics are all going to be terribly hand-drawn until I can find my tablet pen ;~;
OOOOooooo! That He looks so nice :3

I think I know what program you may have, but I won't say because I'm not sure if I'm correct.
February 26th, 2012
Is it bad to say that I support N's outlook of things?