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I read waaayyyy too much shoujo manga.
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February 24th, 2013
omg this page lovelovelovelovelovelove. you are the master at facial expressions.
February 24th, 2013
aaaaah so sweet!!! i really love this story and art T_T thank you for making this!
February 24th, 2013
Wow! I can't wait to see more! The pages are beautiful and the story is really catching.
hahahahaha your author's comment made me lol <3
awwwwwwwwwhhhh hahaha <3 this inspired me to comment <3 Um I also really love your comic (although I don't wear any dainty cute dresses like that little girl) :P I love how it's really sexy and the 2 main characters are really nice and accepting of eachother
September 27th, 2011
I really look forward to more updates! Your story is so different from the rest!
I really like this story! It's very intriguing. :)
I love your style! Your are is so unique and detailed! I love it <3
Can I has that guide to fore play. :x
woooooow <3 Love it. :)
Woooow I love this <3 I love how the characters in the background have so much detail. It adds a lot more depth and understanding to this creepy town.
I love your comic <3 <3 I just read that you were at Anime Boston :) Me too! Will you be at Connecticon?
Ahhhh I love his accent! I can't help but read what he says out loud. ;_; I love your characters <3
Love your bracelets and your nails! This picture is too cute <3 x) love your comic!
I like Lune the most. :) She's super cute and I love her hairstyle. I also like how she's independent and adventurous. At least that's the impression I get so far.
I just discovered your comic. I really love the story and the art is just beautiful. Your coloring is brilliant. *.* Please continue updating <3
I love Josh's personality!
Ahh I really really love your art style <3 especially the way you draw hair. Thanks for this awesome comic!
lolol I thought that said Herp not Hepp at first. :D I love their last names for some odd reason! :P