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Oh, you changed banner, no wonder it took so long time to find this comic.. I still like it, so I made some fan art for ya:

I hope you like it.
I agree with Mapleleaf. I see dreams only about zombies and games (maybe I should stop watching zombie movies & play less). I just loved the art, it was clear and pretty. The flow of this comic worked well too. This comic is faved, so I don't forget it.
I love the expressions.
*like* *like* Awesome art. Faved for now. (not only because of art).
Faved. Interesting story. Though, you could make pages smaller, If you have paint, it should be easy. Great comic.
June 16th, 2008
Kyllähän minä tästä vieläkin tykkään. Lisää odotellessa. Hetkinen, olenko kommentoinut aikaisemmin? Muistaakseni puhuin tässsä sarjakuvassa tai sitten se oli joku toinen sinun tekemäsi...
Yup, totally faved. Waiting for more.
No readers? You have great story & art (mostly the story made me to fave)

Well, maybe Im the first one to do so. Keep going, this is awesome stuff.

EDIT: Oh, did you just upload the whole thing?
Wow.. Just wow..
Awesome art. Interesting story. Totally faved, I can´t wait to see more.
Fantastic art. Must fave....
September 19th, 2007
I love the details.. First pages really remind me about 28 days later. Fav!
May 10th, 2007
Only hints of BL? This can get intresting, ill fave it. Art is great. *favesss*
B-fully art, I´ll fave you :)
Hahaha, I´ll fave it!
December 15th, 2006
Awesome comic, must fave it :D keep going, great work.