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I'm with you Skylan
Skylan, you took the words right out.

Besides, what's with the "you can never be a disapointment Melanie" vs. "When will you grow up to be a man, Patrick" attitude ? I mean... The guy sure has issues...
Go Patrick !
This page is insanely good !

Oh, the angst !
Father Issues
I could just tear that moustache off !

As for Devon... What's that "I just want to talk" ? Has never anyone taught him in this particular case what you should start with is apologizing ?

Mon-Fri schedule ? Awesome ! Finest comic on my reading list ever !
And so it is christmas...
Okay, so someone is finally able to see that the first one misbehaving here is Daddy...

Even if he doens't realize what went on between Devon and Mel, where does he get off making it his business ? On christmas eve, no less ? Parents are supposed to be on their children's side. Who else is gonna be ?
Miguelito3dp's absolutely right : it doesn't matter that she's with someone else. What does matter is that she's being treated like she can't handle making the choice of who she loves by her father and she's been beaten by creepdevon... She has a right not to forgive.

A man that treats a woman that way doesn't love her. A father that treats his daughter that way doesn't love her.

I can't wait to see Patrick's reaction to this. Will at least one of the kids grow some spine and tell daddy off ?
Love your work on facial expressions here, Mr. Twist ! The father's looks when he asks Patrick to go th the kitchen are excellent ! You could add : "while I walk your sister to the sacrifice" in the dialogue...

Can't wait to see more of your work !
Oh the creep !
I bet Alexander speaks perfect english and only pretends that he doesn't so that people pay attention to what he says. As a comic villain, the guy goes on my list and instantly dethrones Dr. Doom !
Your comic is beyond excellent ! A treasure !