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That was truly a wonderful pep talk. Bravo Itztli. And may I say, amazing comic, the art is stunning and the storyline is very interesting. As well as all the vibrant characters. I'm glad I found this!
@sayroo: hello! shh Im sure you'll do amazingly ok //paps
hello saru weeps this is yuu-
but ahhh I loved this comic of yours too and glad to see it also coming back ;v; //touches his hot dad chokes-
Update. ovo hello, it's been a while. Hope life's going well for you.
This seems like a really interesting web comic. Lol yes that face is very amusing.

*finally forced self to comment despite laziness*
The 'weathered' look is definitely a keeper. Ooh, glowing stars.
I agree, the old paper look adds a nice touch.
There's nothing wrong with being a perfectionist. (is one too xD) I'm just glad to see that you and your comic are still alive. Can't wait to see the new version.
Oh. No it's clear now, I was just slightly confused at first. ^^
I can tell, though it adds to his bishie-ness. XD
Intense moments are epic X)
Haha. Go Itzli fangirls too bad he's not real XD
Lol. Yay Ty.
So she's good at some parts of being a ninja XD
Lol yeah. Yup, she should get an award XD
Probably a bit of both. No, I'm just pretty good at solving things.
Finally caught up to your latest update! Hmm, I wonder what she means....
Uh oh, seems like he's seriously pissed. D:
He finally decides to confront her! Ooh, I wonder what will happen!