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I like to make sonic spriting a boss!
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Chapter Two!
So I've decided that each season gets 5 chapters. Well Knuckles get fucking told by the back of Sonic's left hand.
@ wordd upp
I wish I could keep up with Sonic even though I'm 2 feet away from him XD This is hilarious!
So the comics won't come out as often due to school. I only whipped out 9 in like 5 days cuz i had a break. So expect like one every 2-3 days. Also I didn't feel like sketching a pic and scanning it and doing all of that so i just drew it on my with it. I know the intro chapter feels kinda weird with only having 9 pages but I just wanted to introduce all the characters and then actually move on to the plot. So I called it Amy The Stalkhog since the next 20 pages (there are 20 pages per chapter) are going to mainly focus on Sonic and Amy. No I'm not getting into sonamy but they might go out or they might not. But if they do it's going to be all comedy. That's how I roll bitches. I will still be funny though.
@Spidow and this matters how?
@Non Backgrounder thanks ^_^
Why Sonic's being chased?
Well after the fight Sonic was heading out the door, spotted by Amy, and Sonic is booking it to his apartment. Nuff said. Hope you like the new format!
February 22nd, 2011
@Ceviana She's going to be in the next one. I plan to get all the expected characters in the introduction
February 21st, 2011
@NonBackgrounder lol thanks
February 21st, 2011
I did this page like this because I wanted to try to get to the place I wanted to end the chapter.
@Ceviana Nvmd. I found some sprites my friend made which are like the advance ones so I'll use those.
I don't like the advance sprite version of him. If more people complain about the current sprite form he's in then I'll change it but I hate his advance form
Yes the Creeper is back!!!! (last panel) In case anybody's wondering. There's going to be 20 pages per chapter with the exception of the Introduction (the current chapter)which will have 10 pages. I'm going to take week breaks in between chapters. And in the beginning of each chapter with the exception of the Introduction, there will be a drawing (by me :D) to start off the chapter. Now I'm going to have some pancakes.
@Ceviana You'd be suprised what I knew when I was 8.....besides he hangs out with Knuckles.
Tails is a playa
@Milkam26789z haha
@Milkman26789Z That's cuz you haven't seen the movie bro
The First Fight
And we have our first fight! ^^