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Hi, I’m Natalia Komuniewska. Longish, hard-to-pronounce last name means I’m Korean, I come from the country of Korea….not really – I’m from Poland, where bears roam the streets and all people are drunken thieves x).
My hobbies include using to much emoticons, excessive tea drinking, watching american comedians, procrastinating at work and studies and finding inner peace (that means not thinking too much). Also RPG addict – complete with her own system (by a working title of Less Know Legends) that will be available in your nearest bookshop someday. And in the little spare time I have left I tend to draw colorful, fantasy things and photograph stuff :B

why I feel it was a really dumb move on Luds party? D: Maybe not Ben-dumb but still? D:

Anyways yaaay an update! laaaaa
Missed those guys :'D
Restless you cutie pie! 8D He's so concerned about those two sightseeing in his basement too xD Just adorkable 8D

Ben you adorable stupid head you 8I You will get you guys killed someday D:
No new page makes me sad, but Kowas headache makes it all better 8>
And jell-o - it makes it better also :B

Second panel - my ovaries explode from Kowa!

Arthur - you should be accustomed to waking up to Tomas taking care of your clumsy, wound prone self 83
Eeeeep haven't seen (or even heard) of him in years laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
(and even then I knew only few things about him xD)

Shockfaces! :D
8C Ohmaigawdsoadowable

As we all know Thomas is reserved for Kowa and Kowa only but this page is so super sweet!
The freindship between them is so visible <3 Gooey why are you doing this to us? D: ive us some more blood and weat (and grease and other bodily fluids :B )
Tomas you better save him or our shipping fantasies will never come true! D:

Great page - tension and drama!
Damn I thought of shipping too for a sec 8I Damn you Ben! Kowa is meant for Tomas! 8D

Ok I need to find a vent for my fangirl right now - going to look at some x-men slash 8I

Ok so after this is out of my system - holy cockroaches Kowa now you're in a bit of a pickle aren't you? :B
Sam you don't do that shit anymore - it's not medieval times you know 8I

Kowa now look what a mess you are in 8I I would go dig a hole and hide in it for a couple of years if I were you 8I You could eat what you find underground and learn to control ground creatures - you could become a man of earth - the greatest superhero Earth has ever seen 8D
Misudventures! *swoon*
Congratulaaatiooons - you are now officially funny compared to the unofficial funniness you had before! 8D

Kowa returnin at the scene of the crime really? xD I thought you were better 8I

Tomases nose silhouette makes me happy 8B
Is that Sir Barrington!? 8D (if its not him is his evil twin brother Pedro and he is deceiving as all :I )

I cant imagine what they want with Lud :I My only guess is nothing nasty as Thomas is more feminine than her (vide last pages)
Thomas - you DON'T trust Chihuahuas with mustaches and bowler hats! :C Esspecially if they are working for Colonel Mustard (I deducted it by the mustaches 8I ) How did you manage to stay alive in the city? By all means he should be laying in the gutter robbed blind and possibly dead with little evil pawprints all over him 8I

Anyways - great cover! So One Piecish <3
Luckily Thomas (he is the last one dangling right? xD ) is the last one in line - the only person he's gonna puke on is himself :B

I know the secret of the blimp! It's GOD's blimp away o get the souls of the wicked to hell 8V
Dom looks like a beaten puppy D: Damn you - you are old you shouldn't give me those feelings D:

Kowa don't you dare! There is good in you feel it I can!
So Mr Vampire is a Ms Vampire - what a twist! 8D

Plus I totally did not saw Kowas scheme 8I Dom you are so much more smarter than me D:
Kowa dammit! D: I like you but I like Dom too so you so for your sake I hope those wounds ain't fatal D: Or I'll send Iisjah after you :V After all Dom ate Iisjahs pancakes and that obliges to those kind of things :V
Dom powers activate! Ka-Kick!
Wardrobe is like the best place to hide 8I Noone will suspect nothing D:
Sneaky Dom being sneaky 8I I suspect something >->

Lud is so easily distracted xD