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    Thunda From Hamachi
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im not sure
i was just wondering if my fc jane the wolfbear could be in it then malik gray jr. or is animal fc's not allowed
on sparkys BIO
i meant sparky lived in a trash can
im over hedgehogs bats and foxs is more me
expect girl hedgehogs i will do those to
@Terra325 of coruse you care about shading when i just said this is my first time in mario fan characters .... so of coruse theres no shading im still learning -_-
rolf thx for commenting cqclegoman
XD i just found that out but they are differnt cause he has dark blue over rolls and that bit of hir coming out of his hat XD i can see why they do look alike O_o
how did u make the light effects
it is about time i start uploading
sorry this is my first time in mario fan characters and ya know so and so on and im gonna try to start uploading comic strips here cause i been like everyone in real life havent posted in months XD
its werid how knuxs gave borth to a recolor of himself aXD
Very robotic *beep beep beep* (SUPER DUPER AWESOME)
Thanks Marcus
Thanks for the first 3 poses for my character
Dont do these thigns!
If You use my sprite sheet give credit to me dont recolor dont edit and enjoy Bye Bye!