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Well, I'm jakeroo123. I don't do much. Just like Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb.

Anyway, if anyone wants to check it out, I've been writing a fanfic, click the link to my website to read it.
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@Tehpikachu: Not exactly... That's true for the main series, but not in the Mystery Dungeon games. At least in the narrative, anyway...
@Tehpikachu: It's a fair comparison. The way the characters are drawn especially reminds me of Steven Universe.

... But, yeah, Ash-Greninja too. For multiple reasons - One being that this is something that, as far as anyone knows, shouldn't be possible, and yet it happens and no one has any idea what to make of it.
I just finished reading through everything so far in one night... It's pretty interesting! A lot of things remind me of a lot of different things.

Unique variants of individual Pokemon... That actually reminds me of the animated series more than anything else. The show usually features Pokemon with unique abilities, rather than appearances, but it's done both. Sometimes at the same time, like with Ash-Greninja.

... And, yeah, that one comes to mind for other reasons, too.
I think there's two or three Mew in canon material with confirmed genders... So far, they're all male and none are shiny.

... Dunno why, but it is what it is.
Well, Ash's Pikachu battled the real thing! How hard could it possibly be?

... No, Gengar's plan is good.
... George has the same face markings as Ash. I did not realize that before...

... Not exactly much of a comment, but... Eh.
... Ten golden, singing, flower-headed guys? Possibly that don't feel like running away and thus will absolutely destroy you?

... Wrong ones. Pikmin are probably a bit easier to handle and a lot more helpful though.
Thankfully, it's just a nightmare.

Unfortunately, it's one that doesn't end when you wake up.

He'll know if you ride a bike indoors when you should be buying him more Repel...

Or something like that, I guess.
... Professor Oak, everyone. I think I'd prefer to meet the version Ash Ketchum knows...

... This one's antics are still both funny and creepy as anything though.
... Eggman really doesn't see how unlikely it is this plan will keep working, huh? Or that, if game mechanics really apply... How exactly does he plan to beat Tails?

Eggman... Not particularly known for thinking things through.
@Mio_Chouseki: Ash tried that with Pikachu once.

... It would be pretty funny if Magikarp DID evolve from that.
Might need a plumber to grant that wish.

Well, except the Bowser leaving forever part. That's clearly impossible.
... I actually did (sort of) see it coming. But I thought it was too stupid, so didn't really expect it to happen. But, then, well... I remember what she's like.
Four koopas at once! Oh no, whatever shall Mario do? It's not as though he faces threats much worse than this on a daily basis!

... Oh. Right. Never mind, then.

I actually know of Super Mario-Kun, though not much.
... Well, I guess that's motivation to hide on top of a mountain.
Safety codes? So those are a thing in pokemon now?
@Surfersquid: I think he'd prefer to not be swarmed to death, really. ... And I was going to do the same as Alienoid, comment just for the joke.
I'm really hoping this doesn't mean they get left behind...
Come to think of it, the fact that their voices never change in tone and their expressions remain completely constant might be just a little creepy.

... Or a bit more than a little.
I know! Let's not teach anybody about other countries so they can be surprised by everything if they decide to go there!

This is a good plan.