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Pokémon Webcomic cause I've been craving to make one since forever and finally got somthign worth to make it for xD.
Mystery dongeon inspired and made for in collab with Kaos (Axel the pikachu)
I draw, she makes the story ;v;.

Thanks for the support~
Ok fo rnow....
Last page of the trio I had done!
So, since there's only four week of school left, and there,s a lot of exams, I might not post other pages for the next weeks of school SORRY!
But as soon as I get back, I'll work on it more often ;v;~

Thanks >3<

drawings and base plotline (c) by me
Storyline and planning (c) by MlpKaos
Another one ;v;
OMG two pages in a row? AWESOME.
Well, I had these all sketched out and mostly lined a while back, just couldn't get to them. There's another one coming shortly ;v; Only need to draw the BackGrounds then I'll post it by tonigh for sure~

Drawings and base plotline (c) by me
Story and planning (c) MlpKaos
Finally page four is up!!!
I have been stuck with school work and my new obsession: pokemon shiny hunting.
But mainly school since finals are coming up ahah... Only four more weeks before I'm out for three months vacation yeah!!!

So yeah, drawings and base plotline (c) by me
Story and planning (c) MlpKaos
HurHur 8'D
Got the page done a bit after midnight, but it's done 8'D
I was over at a friend to play Dead Space 2 and Tales of Vesperia ahaha 8'D

OTL The second gen games were a big part of my childhood and my favorite pokemon games so far O3O

Umbreon has a Monocle >3<
Page 2 is up ;v;
Well, i just noticed that, so far, all the pokemon (or almost) are second gen OTL

It is not going to be only 2nd Gen pokemon, it'll be mixed, but i do have to admit I have a slight preference for that generation ;v; but anyway ;v; Hope you'll enjoy~

Working on page 3, action is coming 8'D HURHURHUR
HERE ahah 8'D

Working on page two now <3

Enjoy >3<~
The cover >3<
So here is the cover of our first chapter!!!

I'm currently working on the first few pages ;v;~

I'm really happy to be able to put this up OTL Always had been wanting to do a pokemon comic~ and now here it is ;v;

page one and two shall be up tomorow >3<
I hope you will enjoy it ;v;