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I am a Poke-nerd. That is all
Dunno whatchoo talkin bout Atty, it’s a beaut
Well...didn’t see that coming, though more because it’s hard to see mew (or any legendary I s’pose) would be less likely to flee at the first sign of a losing fight?
one of three
Those of you who are wondering, I'm willing to bet She's talking about Gengar being human, but not "pure hearted" or "a child". Him having been human is 1 of the 3 qualities she needs
I guess spontaneous combustion isn't a myth afterall
forgot I wasn't logged in when I made that comment just above
I always hated this part, and the bit with team skull prior to this. I know the entire thing's scripted and you can't fight back against team skull or win the mission, but what really irks me about it all is the "stop hitting yourself" attitude the game's npc's have towards you. It puts you in a situation where you don't have the option to fight back (against team asskull's suckerpunch or chatot's unbelievably poor listening/communication skills), and then proceeds to give you the "reason you suck" speech for failing.

I just...I just hate that
Good thing they planned ahead and made clothes that were flame-retardant
That's the power of pinesol, baby
Her face in the bottom left pannel reminds me of Spongebob- "you like krabby patties don't you, squidward?"
Or maybe she won't stop following him. Clearly, now, she's going to follow him more intently so she can turn him into the police! Good job, Atty, now she'll never leave you alone
Quick, Metapod! Now that he's tiring, use Hyperbeam!!!
No fire attacks, Dragonthing? It's okay..just take a seat and think things through for a moment. Just make sure that when you do, to turn your tail towards poor Metapod. See, he looks a little cold, and I think he could use some warmth
Batter up
You're forgetting, Atty. This kid can chuck a ball pretty hard. He might have actually been a pro pitcher in his past life xD
Damn anime
Nevermind the fact that they always ignore any resistances like ground/flying, or how ridiculously overpowered every pre-evolution is >_>
Pikachu, you cheating, steroid abusing bastard!
You've been gone for a long time. No longer active on dA or here. Where've you been? We miss your amazing work
Why do I need a title? What is this I dont even
Ha, Top Gear's popular even in Kanto! Amazing xD