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Ben Stoddard is a high school Senior preparing to study Illustration in college starting Fall 2011. He began to create his own webcomic in winter 2010 with advice from Jerzy Drozd of .
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Are you confused by the color change?
Hello dear reader,

If you look back, you will see/remember that the prologue of this comic was all in brown. This was because it was set before the comic began, it was a flashback. Sixty three pages later I bring you a second flashback.
Welcome Back!
Hi Everyone! I am very happy to be back bringing you The Adventures of Tiny Lord again! Sorry for the long hiatus, but I hope you like the small changes to the comic.
I'm recently got a new wacom, which I made this strip with. I'm not quite used to it yet, so some of the quality is lesser.
Page 50
Hey guys, this is the 50th page of the comic! I finally made it. This is crazy, I feel so accomplished. I want to thank Jerzy for his advice, and Manan and Angad for their spell checking in the early pages. You guys are awesome.
Character Names:
Hakuna and Buhao are two new characters who enter the story today. Hakuna is the woman in purple, while Buhao wears green and pink.
You can read more about them here ht
Sorry for the issue guys. I've worked through it and here is the strip.
I used the image under step two here as reference for the second panel.
Chapter one
And thus ends chapter one. I hope you guys enjoyed it and are looking forward to chapter two coming next week.
Day of Silence 2011
Thank you dragonlegends
This page took a while
I kind of procrastinated while working on this page. The reason?

It's so funny that I watched this and people making fun of it all day
See Panel 3 in Color
The third panel of this strip can be seen in color here t-panel Check it out for colors and more detail
Thank you JS
Hello Ali,thank you for your comment. The bird is named Plume, and is Tiny's ally and friend.
This is an image that I have uploaded to understand the Smack Jeeves program.