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Konnichiwa~! My names if you didn't already know is Ren Kagesaki, I'm 18 and I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. I like retro games, old horror movies, reading, drawing, writing, airsoft, and most importantly anime ^^;
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    Ren Kagesaki
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Yeah Ren is glad you likes Ren ^^ *wags tail*

I'll try my best to start/finish it this weekend since I don't really have anything to do other then finish up my Russian II class online >.> and show up to school for another week and do nothing... *sighs*
I'll post my intro page next week sometime probably on Tuesday, srry I'm slow T.T I had finals this week >.>
I'll drop a taser in his bathtub -.-;;
Soubi, your an idiot *sprays with creeper-b-gone* >.> But yeah, they don't exactly have a "bomb wolf" title in the military now do they >.> Yes he may be a "bomb dog" but he's a wolf >.>

PS I probably should have put Perverts under the dislike category but oh well XD
*Waves Shyly* K-Konnichiwa
Hello everyone, *waves shyly* Ren's kinda new, so I hope I can make a few friends on here. *wags tail* ^^ Thankyou for letting me join also ... I hope everyone likes my character ^^; ... *scampers away*