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Cuántas páginas faltan para el fanservice? jajaj

Y antes dde que nos demos cuenta, Wanted se transforma en un manga yuri explicito, qué tal? :P
what do you mean Joe is out? D: Should I notice he's losing in the last panel?

Demon powers are OP!
No carga la pagina D:
James sure can take a pounding xD
Maybe use IMGUR instead of photobucket?
His eyes ended up so small that I would have never noticed anything... In fact I'm not sure what I'm noticing xD cat pupils?
Chapter named after the movie?
GATO? Gato Hardware?

They call me Gato
I have metal joints
Beat me up
and earn 15 silver points ♪

Do I win something ? :D
"Many don't know, but Virgil will play an important part later on."

Only YOU know that! e_e
Yay he answered me c:
I got really confused for a moment until I saw that James was saying "SHHT" and not "SHIT"

What kind of word is SHHT anyway?
Uhm, James... doesn't that hurt like... a lot?
It seems James hasn't played Pokemon. Or any RPG whatsoever xD Weren't Cliff's clothes fireproof anyway?
Yamamoto Genryuusai's Bankai (Bleach, Captain No1, the old guy) is this taken up to eleven. LOTS of flames.


He doesn't have a "punch the ground -> explosion of fire" attack that I remember though.

I hadn't realized but Tite's fire is barely just the outlines xD

BTW, be glad you know what will happen in your comic, unlike Tite Kubo.
Lots of FIRE.

You must be weeping from that much work
I could've bought the magic justice explanation *_* I just read a book about a kid who could fly as he wished :3
Firepunch of justice!!

Yeah, that could be its name
Now, what could possibly be the scientific explanation for burning hands? What would Arthur say huh?
stuff came up ? stuff like jojo ? xD just kidding ya. I know how much effort you put into this. In fact i'm kind of worried about you trying to speed up the pace. Is it because of what we've been talking ? that it's been 2 years... however i dont want you overdoing it ok?
Thumbs up for DMC reference in hover text... I think?