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I ESPECIALLY love the art on this page. Both the closeups look amazing! Zadel's eyes look befitting of a demon prince.

I can't help but wonder what Zadel's mum's attitude is going to be like toward him. Completely cold or any morsel of interest in him still?
Yay! I was so happy to see this comic appear at the top of the list! I'm really sucky for commenting but I thought I should let you know your return has brought happiness. Also I do like the art style on this page, the shading and shadows makes the scene feel more intense.
If everyone had voted C... would this page have turned out accordingly? o_o

I'm a new reader by the way (hence commenting on old pages) I just started reading 1 or 2 days ago... feels good to get into a great comic again, thank you!
LOL this page.. I so wasn't expecting this response from Val - he seems almost innocent here. I feel confused by his character now. Zadel's expressions are relate-able. XD
Aw, Abel's angelic quality is showing: Since Jacob's announcement that he quits, the thing Abel is most concerned with is the quality of Jacob's last days and not his own failure in the "competition" - even in response to Zadel's taunting.

I find Abel so sweet in these last pages.
Wow, I absolutely love this page! Nat's hair, the braids, his armor, the faces of the uncle and aunt... all the details! Really, really love the art on this page.
I wonder when their relationship began to take a turn for worse.. =/
This strip reminds me: my brother once told me that when he was a kid on his way home from school he fell victim to a racial assault, however for the wrong race. Some drunken old guy was sat on a wall watching him then threw a brick at him as he walked by, all my brother heard was, "fuckin' Jew"... He's half English and quarter Irish & Italian. That's gotta be the worst way to get your ethnicity mistaken lol.
"His last big adventure ended up with them changing the past to the point where he have no idea what has and has not happened any more."

...That sound really interesting.
Also I like the dialogue on this page, you can feel the angst.
Well.. he may love him in another way (not romantically).
...All in favour of Puffums and Fluffums say "aye"!


(Just gonna ignore the confirmation of their names in the author comment).. ¬w¬

Also Cauf *cough!* I mean Puffums and Arandzi make really entertaining exchanges. XD
I love the 1st, 3rd and 5th panel.. his face looks so funny. XD
Gosh, that was so beautiful in every way; the text was charming and the art was stunning. I really adore it!
Reading that first chapter was like drifting through a strange little dream myself...! The watercolours really add to the effect too.

I'll be looking forward to June/July when this will continue. =)
April 29th, 2012
Aaaaaaaand from here on out I will be anticipating this comic's updates on a regular basis. =)

Another comic of high standard in plot and artwork it seems - Super happy to have found this!
April 29th, 2012
I'm so impressed with the range of facial expressions and the way this is opening... you guys are talented!
So yeah, I really suck at commenting very often even on my favourite comics (and Lost Love is one of those!)... so much I'm not even sure I've commented on this at all before =0

BUT I HAD to move my hand to the keyboard today just to vent how glad I am that I'm not the only one who ships Simon & Matt so f**kin hard!!~

.. phew..
Awwww, haha Sergio is so sweet!
LOL just wow. All of that yet he's on their team so...
I can't believe how much I just fell in love with Arandzi within reading a single page.