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OmegaX 5000
I'm a nice guy, though you do NOT want to get on my bad side. I like making comics for fun, reading other comics on the internet for fun and insperation. My hobbies change from time to time, but am currently with Sonic The Hedgehog and other video games. And i like pizza. MMmmm, pizzaaa.

I'm currently running When Games Collide, Co-authoring at Author Roommates, Human Author Madness, running The Adventures Of Ultraboy, and Authors In Space.

I've been away for awhile....wait, don't want to quote Knuckles' SA2 theme song....I'm not going to be very active here for awhile, if not at all until some things I'm working on are done. You can find me at Youtube doing a Let's Play of Super Mario Sunshine and over at my forum. I'm currently working on a Mario 64 rom hack that I need people to do beta tests of. If anyone wants to try out the current demo, email me at and i'll send you the download link.

Oh yeah, and I have a new forum called Odyssey Spriters. It's just started, but all spriters are welcome!
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I always assumed he had his arm hidden behind his back as if he were constantly hiding an axe ready to chop at unsuspecting victims.....Wow, that's morbid now that I think of it!
Darkrai's human form looks a lot like Barry does in the games.
OmegaX 5000
September 25th, 2010
Wow, Amy doesn't listen very well, now does she?
Nice job with her eyes
My eyes can do that too.
I'll update once I get a good idea, but for now I got nothing. Sorry T-T
@Mr.Zobe: What about Brock? and his whole family of ten brothers and sisters?
Marine always seemed more Scottish than Australian to me when playing Rush Adventure.
No....just on an unintentional hiatus....and yeah, we can go to a Spore planet (I just need to find out what Spore is.)
Good luck with that!
Wow, that was a quick response, and this is the first time this comic has been called "the best comic ever"

Thank you random person! XD
I just wanted to do this for awhile, and hey! The villain leader now has a new look!

Also, I've been messing with html recently trying to get a music playlist from iMeem onto the music page. So far, it doesn't work too well.
How do they NOT fit in his pocket? XD
BOOM! HEADSHOT! Cause no-one else said it yet. XD
Wow, lot's of familiar faces in this page, but where's Mighty, Bean, Bark, Nack/Fang and Ray? It's still a cool comic though. ^_^
I was tired of using Gate as Genelico, so I made my own edits of Zero to get the look I was going for as far as Genelico. So far, only five sprites done, but at least he has walking sprites, unlike the Gate sprites.
Treble's tail reminds me of a cloud or a marshmallow.
Really now? Tell me just how it sucked so much then. I'm all ears.
Huh, my first photoshop'd comic on WGC. Not as epic-looking as I had hoped, but it's up. Anyway, I was going to have Amy hit him with her hammer, but a cactus seemed funnier. XD
@guest: That is your opinion, and I respect that. Most of those recolors were made when I first started spriting and when I wasn't very experienced, more recently I have been editing them. The "black tails in a labcoat" isn't my character. Since when did I edit other people's sheets? I do put credits, it's on the "Sprite Credits and Links" page (still incomplete, by the way) I'm planning on updating the credits page soon and make another comic page.

And if you think that the comic is garbage, why are you even reading it? (Note, that i'm just stating facts and not trying to start a flame war or anything.)