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I agree~!

Pink wolves <3 or even better, pink and teal :D

Rath is a lazybutt =3= So accurately portrayed... haha!
Whoa. Now I'm seriously feeling special. 8'D -wags tail and hugs tight-

I do not think it resembles a horse's cheek. At all. :I

Rath is the first one to gasp as though ze's dying.


Layout's epic. :D I actually don't see this one around very often~ but I love it!


[also the teal stripe makes me insanely happy]
Awww. D:
I don't even know how to use Paint other than the brush tool... so I applaud you! ;v; GOUDAH JABU.
Sorry Merch. Is it at the very least a good frightened?

Perhaps sleeplessness is best, else one of those insects that attaches to your mouth in order to kill you in your sleep could sneak up on him.

Until he dies of lack of sleep, I mean.
Who, moi? :D

I love you too! -rolls around in front of zir happily-
This looks good! :D Waiting for content~
@shini YEAH.

Gorgeous art and super interesting story! I can't wait to read more. <3
That Mister Handy is freaking adorable. I would like to hug it please.
Such a heartwrenching story...

Hysteric giggles ensue.
She's so cute! <3
Mmm, Gorillaz.

Mmm, Lennon.

This comic gets better and better.
I adore this comic... ;_; It distracts me! Guh!
Hey! Listen!
I'm here to tell you about some things you might like!

1) A FAQ. You can ask the characters you see between now and the end of April anything you want, and they'll answer you however they wish! Ask anything, don't be shy!

2) Fanart contest! Would you guys be interested in one? If so, what would you suggest for prizes? Be selfish!

3) Where do you think the comic is going/should go from here? What do you personally want to see happen?

4) What do you think - should the comic be in full colour, or black, white, and red?

5) Is OPM frightening so far? Or could it be weirder? :D

Image without text, feel free to download:

By the way - the above image in no way implies a romance between Marcus and Bridget. It's just fanservice for my lovely fans!
<3 Thank you~! That means a lot to me, haha :3

Srsly though
I hate you now. I am scarred for life...
I love this page~ It's so actiony! <3
I loved this. ;_; It made me cry. Such a lovely story~ And wonderful art, too.

Dorian <3