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Honestly, I think you made this guy way too much of a girl.
I suddenly just pictured what a scene on the cruise liner looked like. And then I realized that the plot will never get that far.
Thats so punny.
Sacrifice Elf to the Dark Gods.
Its seem like it would kind of suck to be turned into a vampire and then go back to being a maid.
Its not like she's a ghoul or something.
This is in response to some pages back when you were talking about how Bernadette wasn't Angela's equal.
I think she should move a little up the ladder?
How does she have a ponytail with no hands?!
If pokemon can die then you need to turn this into a comic where trainers go around killing each other occasionally.
You know he wants to step on it.
Throw Axe at Jailor's Face.

I think she's talking about Red, not Ash.
Take Jack with you to find Nico, then help him get home, then stop being distracted by sidequests.
February 24th, 2011
Use Acid bottle on the bars.