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I used to be a dead guy
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Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third👏

Rethinking the update schedule but WHO KNOWS!! Maybe I just need to.. . .work. . .harder. . .
Missed the Thursday update last week. Super last second double update!;;
I was going to talk about my job and how it affects my comic but p much

I wake up at 3am and stack heavy boxes for five hours. All time I had slotted for my comic is being replaced with sleep and work. I'm feeling a little jumbled up! I thought I'd have things figured out after a month but haha I'm trying to make it work!!
More in common than you think!
The very, very short answer here is that I was recently employed.
I've been working for one month now. *BREATHES* More on that next update,,(andmytwitter)

Just had the briefest but touching interaction with @M067953240 (Author of Toxic Days here on SJ!) out of nowhere.
I'M LIKE, wOW?? Read their comic. I love it. Read my testimonials(comments) too.
I was so inspired that my headache went away and I'm working on my comic again.

My psychic said I should start posting pages again anyways. *flex*
c-cute,,, but ohno!
@M067953240: I'MLAUGHIn
I just looked back at the comments I left and like 99.9999% of them are from the same day lmao
but I re-read this comic a bunch a times and almost comment the same dumb things everytIME,,

*FREAKING REVIVED by Ren's face*
Jamie in the last panel. I'm in lOV e
I guess that's just where he lives now
Double update on Thursday.

I wish I posted this in a better mood instead of on the day of.
I'm feeling a little winded!! aa


Warning or w/e for this chapter for
Stalking, death threats, peer pressure and
other side-eye things. Things get a little funky this chapter.
You know, as always, bad life choices are made.
A fun teen Iro comic.

That's all for extras this chapter!
Thank you so much for reading this far and to those who have commented, of course! o|-<
Thanks for your patience during my unexpected hiatus too xoxo

Next week, the cover to chapter 3 !
wow! Chapter 2 is done!!
Next week, chapter 2 extras.
👏👏This boy is still thinking about going home👏👏
Double update on Thursday to finish off this chapter.

I love how you draw these chapter covers. They look so good!
I love the art and coloring in this comic. Hopefully school and life will give you more of a break soon! Sending ya good vibes B^)
This comic is too good. I love it.
Feliciano Sparkles-In-The-Night Rocha
oh my,,
Please plan ahead if you're going to be walking long distances.