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I love your line work. So soft and flowy~
The new cover looks incredible!
Fabulous coloring :'^O
I GASPED. Cheap shot!Holyshit,,,

@pechaberry: omg,,, Prepare yourself for when they both wear the same outfit and I provide no color code to differentiate them. You'll have to go by the shape of their sideburns alone.
The votes are in!
Iro's a loser that they can't take seriously.

Eli looks like he's trying to find his good points though?
Just because it's Iro???
@Raspberry-Nunez: OH. We can nominate it? I was wondering how to suggest a comic for the spotlight,,, makesense,,,!
It looks like you meet all the criteria already. Fabulous comic, 30+ pgs and consistent updates! All in due time. :'^O
nIK, you're really hurting his feelings lmao,,,,

(Also, you're missing an "I" in the last panel!)))
Some troubling news from Eli!
Totally cute!! :'^O
The tiny cupid Apollo! aa
@LostWifi: Aha,, Thanks! :'^O <3
@Yaay!: Yes! Good ol' Razzle and Dazzle (their new nicknames)))
Ah. She ran away.
Next up, Eli probably catching a cold???? o(-<
(Also, some smack talk r.i.p Iro)
The two bros having a fun night time walk in the rain ft. the mystery corner person!
Thanks for reading my stalker comic, everyone. xoxo
@LIFELINE COMICS: Oh! I totally get that feeling now looking back at it. :'^O
Wow! Chapter 2!
Let's talk about ch1 one last time.
I suddenly remembered all the extras ideas with Eli.

Including fun things like:
Eli's shoelace,
Making fun of Iro ft. Aaron,
and Eli's sleeping problems

Thrilling! Exciting!
Fanboy Eli and his two pals, Vic and Aaron.
@Xxxxxxx: <3
@Aww: Thank you that was very sweet of you! HEH.
@Safanified: Thank you so much! :'^) Gosh,,
Even with a leg through the floor, she's still got the element of surprise!
Surprise. Eli is kind of a shut-in!

Let's see what fun adventures await the Bonnette Bros out in the open world....
in August.
I'll be away from the internet for sometime but I'll be bringing my laptop with me to draw.
If all goes well then I will return at the start of August with a buncha new pages. See ya!