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@shoumo: I had to read this over 👀 ohmy
My updates are sporadic more than anything but I'm working on it. HEH
Thanks for your support!
@Frostwings: Haha! There's a little more to it from Iro's side but this is all Eli wants to share.
I'm really loving her so far. Whatta hero.
"She's eating them...and then she's going to eat me. OHMYGODDD"
Last one for now.
I'm looking for a nice wig to wear for fun.
I liked him.
Hello, everyone! I talk a lot about doing some celebratory things for Iro's birthday on the 7th and I /did/ do some things!
It just all ended up being. . .. a ll for m e. .
I had a really busy week and I kept everything to myself. oof. More pages soon.
It's barely the first page and I already love this. 👀
Aaron is keeping Eli from making new friends.
👀 very nice background wowow
@Leonessa: Thank you so much! The Aaron fans are always good people. hehehe
whoa bad milo!!
Romero is such a good guy wOW
I love these two ahaha
I like hearing about the authors and artists of comics I read, ya know.
Sometimes they write long things in the comments about their process or about their day and that's p neat.

So I'm going to try talking about myself a little more. Just a little more,,,,
We're in the tail end of 2017 but I'm changing up my look from gakuran oro to sunhat oro.
I've been gakuran oro since 2012. Goodness. Hello.
@Kelpii: Thanks for reading! ahaaha!