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I like cartoons, ginger ale and edm.
Update over at our website.
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Adrian what are you doing.
You are very drunk.

The backstory takes place several months before the comic does, fyi.

If anyone is interested, Adrian's short story is finally done! You can find all the parts here.
You don't know how much I enjoyed writing this page.
Just a reminder, if you haven't read our bonus 4 page comic in Whut*Nani, check it out here! It's a free magazine, just download the December issue to read.
@JB Starre:

Hello JB Starre,

Hopefully this did not completely ruin everything for you since I'm rather pleased that you do object to the hegemonic view of females seeking emotion while males seek pleasure, but in the grand scheme of things its not what I was trying to achieve with this quip.

First off, I have to say something critical here, that I'm not sure if it's made especially clear: my opinions are NOT the same as character's opinions. These are teenage characters in high school. I'm not saying that all teenage boys think this way, but these characters are not the most refined when it comes to critical thought about gender roles and stereotypes in general.

Carter's more obvious about this (treat the gay dude like a girl? Compliment his clothing!) but Carter's also over the top and obviously not supposed to be taken seriously. While Adrian is more sensible, he's still a teenage boy with a limited view of the world and sexuality, gender, you have it.
I was expecting to get more heat from Adrian's "retard" bomb, honestly, but it's in the same vein as this. Both the boy's trains of thought are not intended to reinforce the stereotypes and more of a way to just ground them in who they are. They are not politically correct or even especially knowledgeable, they are just their imperfect, awkward, inexperienced teenagery selves.
@Love It:

Swedish Berries aren't actually berries, it's a popular candy. I guess they are only available in Canada? 8473756

No voting, I just gave an example of the contents so its more enticing. :>
@Makoto Misuharu:
No, they are for dicks.
I'm gonna try to get the chapter of the short story up TONIGHT! I was really bogged down with exams and papers for the last little while, but now that I'm done I can actually work on tweaking it.

In the meantime, dinner. Yes.

PSA: Condoms are good for you kids. They lower the chances of you getting things like AIDS, herpes, gonorrhea and babies. Remember thy condom!

Incentive: its really really drama llama and gay.
Okay. Fanart contest.

I just wanted to say that this was an incredibly difficult decision (For the Creator's choice, that is). We were so blown away by all the entries (47!!!) and only having three winners is physically painful.
It actually is. I feel incredibly guilty not showering free presents on some of you. All of you. aldkffgj

That being said:
Popular vote: No.12 by Freya
Random: Berries1026
Author/Artist's choice: 30. by Miraje-Nocturne

Check your mailbox, winners, Hazel has already sent you emails asking for where you live.

Honourable mentions go to Vy and Bambi, who came in second and third in the poll (and in our hearts). Overall, 300 people voted and we got over 700 votes! Nuts!

NOW TO EVERYONE ELSE WHO BESTOWED ART ON US WHO DIDN'T WIN: Once we get the store up, we'll try and arrange so you'll get a free print or two if you decide to order a copy. We're still working on the shop and website, so we'll figure that out once we get closer to finishing it.

Thank you all so much again for the time you put into doing art for us and the contest.

<3 Bell
Haha we get this a lot actually, we should probably put it up on the front page! Story is set in Coquitlam.
It does have a small-town feel to it though, so I can totally see where you are coming from with that.

His parents emigrated in the 80s, so I wasn't completely sure how to go about identifying his heritage. Maybe I'll just change it to Czech and avoid using an outdated location.
Thanks though!
Thank you for the editing!! <3
"Said David's face" is on purpose, but the second one wasn't. I fixed it, since it was hella awkward.

Carter fails to abide by unspoken social codes when dealing with people he has relentlessly hit on for the past two weeks.
Among other things.

Also, thank you very much everyone! We've passed 2000 fans! Hazel should be around later today on her tumblr to present you guys with a cracktastic thank you present. In the meantime, more Adrian Backstory! cember-pt2

Here is part 1 of Adrian's backstory, a little story that happened in December (Always Raining Here is set in March). It may contain some answers to some questions about Adrian you may have~~.
Well eventually at least, this is only the first part.
The Wild Adrian has half-smiled at Carter!
Carter is confused!
Yeah we know. It is supposed to be an accident and a bit of a pun.
Rough translation:
Carter says "I can't understand you. You are not speaking French."
In the next panel he says
"How does it feel to be the prettiest girl in the room?" (Carter says bedroom here by accident.)

Big thanks for Niddle for helping out with the French! And yes, we know about the mistake thingies. It is a conscious decision on the most part.

also...dat colouring.