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Felinus Girlicus.
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The rain drops aren't touching Hoopa :P
Oh no! The trash cans!!
That seems a little cheaty that they are in evolved forms. You never got to be evolved forms when you start in those games :D
Not only that, but every building is clearly bigger on the inside then out. Everything in pokemon is a Tardis I swear...
I like this form better than the other one because it actually makes mewtwo look closer to mew, what they were cloned to be.
He really wants his cigarette lighter back.
Everyone's all excited for Fish to evolve and I'm sitting here thinking... "but what if he never does and that's the joke"
Venus could be a...
Disciple of NUPTUP :3
(google it)
Well if they have magnemites, DT is perfect.
Could of been worse, she could of come into the world as a pokemon without limbs.

That'd be embarrassing. Rolling around like a voltorb.
@Merrsharr: Yeah but I'm doing it now so its more important :3
I'm calling it now, she's gonna fish up Fish.
My gym leader character would fit in nicely with these people XD Especially the meowth one.
Silly handgrenade, comics aren't for eating! *80s laughtrack*
@DracoMan: Perhaps, but the Atty George shipping will continue.
It's gonna blow the other Team Rocket members' minds when they see he has over three Pokemon and none of them are Zubats.
It's too late
The fanfics have been written.
Oh sure, drop the berry. Not like someone else could of eaten it...
@Crusty_Kris: Oh good! Well all's well then.
I worry. Looking back on the first cover page, I don't see Oddish or its evolution line anywhere.
I can only assume Oddish dies or leaves.