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A crazy, fanatical girl. There's no stopping this butterfly force of nature!
...anyways, I love drawing, writing, reading, watching cartoons/movies, my friends, happiness and learning new things.
I just finished up high school as of 2012 and plan to go to an art college to become a concept artist. Super hero movies, you better watch out! If the world doesn't end, I will be taking over the industry!
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Happy birthday to me! And to commemorate not only my birthday but also the 50th page on Smackjeeves, I drew myself as the victim for this week's strip! -insert evil laugh here-
This page gave me so many troubles... SO MANY.
-is so pleased she won't have to draw Loki for awhile-

Loki Lauefeyson © Marvel
I absolutely adore and love Tom Hiddleston's performance as Loki... so of course he had to make an appearance in my webcomic-- which I will try to keep to a minimum because drawing and toning this fella is extremely painful. He'll be in next week's strip as well.

Loki Laufeyson © Marvel/ Disney
...and Flee just keeps ruining lives. Sorry for the delay-- whenever I do a pay, I do two at a time and next week's strip just about killed me.

P.S. Chuck Testa is one of my favorite memes. Ever.

Chuck Testa © Chuck Testa
Inspired by my friend Hope's shirt ruffle...

...may it live life to the fullest.
Sorry I took so long to update... I won't let it happen again! But yes... this week The Adventures of Flee the Butterfly features Tangled's Rapunzel! I love that movie~

But on another note, if any of my readers want to, I'd love it if you would support me in this contest I entered!
Thank you! xxx

Rapunzel, Pascal © Disney
To explain, I'm working on changing my style a bit. Ever since I decided to become a concept artist, I've been trying to get better everyday, so I hope that explains why my art may be changing in these next few pages.

This page features my friend Moe. <3 She was apart of my brainstorming that began my webcomic in the first place so I thought it only right for her to make an appearance.

Thank you for reading! :)
Sorry about the lack of updates-- family, summer, college, friends & life in general have been... well, crazy! But I'm going to work harder to ensure weekly updates. So here we go!

This is Robert "Rob" Andrews, by the way. I created him for an English assignment back in my freshman year and thought it might be nice for him to make a cameo. Now, please enjoy this look back into Flee's wild past as a delinquent.
@Nieidanine: I feel like he'd say something like, "I see you. 8D" Or "Can I come over?" and then he'd pop right up at Dylan's home two seconds later. <3
Cat and Callista... Cat and Callista!

... my favorite pairing. ;3;
Time for yet another flashback.
I hate drawing that couch. *_*
Just in case anyone is wondering...

GM= Gold Motel, one of my favorite bands. It had to happen.

Vincent Valentine © Square Enix
Thus ends the tale of the Okumura brothers...
... but I'm kind of glad because drawing characters that aren't my own freaks me out too much. ;3; I get intimidated. And UGH. the next page has Vincent, and even though I love him, I hate drawing him in this comic. SO MUCH WORK.

Rin and Yukio Okumura © Kazue Kato
Yes! We have yet another celebrity visit! AND I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY FOR EONS.

I love love love Ao no Exorcist-- it's beyond amazing. <3 So I was really happy to have the opportunity to sneak these two in. But the last panel is one of my absolutely favorites so far. :P

Rin and Yukio Okumura © Kazue Kato
Yup yup. Interesting stuff's about to occur.

Neuro © Yūsei Matsui
I hate drawing cars.

... and this concludes the story of the third roommate.
... see, this person and I could not get along-- I don't know about the rest of you people though.
It just wouldn't work out.