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Just your average lady in search of a good read and a good pair of heels. Been here for quite some time but still amazed but all the wondrous works constantly being introduced to the site.
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I am at a point in my life where a lot is about to change(good things), and I find myself often thinking back to things of my youth as I prepare for the transition.

In this vein, I wanted to reach out and just say thank you for all the years you dedicated to making this comic. Many have come and gone, and while this one has also come to a close for the foreseeable moment, it brought a lot of people a lot of joy. I can still remember those first pages of a scrawny young kid so lost and unassuming. Everything about this comic grew from that kid and his world, even the drawing style; it was an absolute delight to experience every page of it.

I am not certain this comment will be seen, and that's alright, I don't mind, I suppose I just wanted to visit this comic once again like I had for so many updates in its past. Its definitely one of those stories that's stuck with me for so many years after and I feel will continue to do so for a long time to come. While I won't plea for its return, as I know this last post lay heavy with the weight of your life, I hope that you are doing better and that things are going well. I also hope that this comic remains for quite a long time to bring delight and joy to others who might discover it.

Again, thank you so much for sharing this story with the world. It was a fantastic journey to have taken.

November 9th, 2016
I personally have always liked Ronja, though not always her choices. Because she's not a bad "person", she just has poor decisions and is not experienced. Very naive in short.

I am hoping, though I wouldn't be surprised, if her alarm ends up putting not Ferah and that group in trouble but Roamer.

We'll see soon however it turns out.. I hope everyone makes it out relatively unscathed.
Gotta say I'm loving the unexpected twisted and turns going on. Original and interesting, great job :)

I look forward to more!
I've always been fond of Ronja and I genuinely hope she makes it out of this in one piece and can find a dog worthy of her one day.

I do think however, that no matter your feelings for her on a personal level, on an observational level of the story it is rather tragic and unfortunately ironic that she has been sucked back into an eerily similar situation as she was born into where her mother was treated poorly as the females are here.

Not certain if that was on purpose or accident but it is a powerful and unfortunate coincidence.
What a way to 'swing' back into the comic lolol :p
Congrats, it's fantastic you reeled in a job like that :D
I hope you have a fantastic time on it and I hope it sells very well!
@MistyTang: Oh how delightful:D My apologies for missing that info !
Are we going to get the pleasure of seeing more of these characters/world in different stories? It seems so wonderfully unexplored, so much underlying potential :)
July 17th, 2015
@Supario: Personally, I gotta say I get absolutely jittery when OFIA is updated and I'm always thrilled to see the color schemes of the new pages, not to mention the continuation of the plot. It's a real delight and I thank you for making it so.
Loving it all, very beautiful style. Really enjoying how the story is unfolding.
I think we can all safely assume Barry dearest is uninvited from the wedding. How embarrassing for everyone involved if Barry were to suddenly call out an objection in the middle of the ceremony...
@LuciusHowell: Your comics still new sweetie, don't be worried by a few numbers either way. The important thing is that you're telling a story that interests you and makes you want to read and enjoy it. I personally think that you're doing a good job: you have an interesting concept, a compelling character, and a good plot with a wonderful art style. Keep going :)
February 26th, 2015
Whistles, I saw whistles everywhere earlier :P

Oh very interesting, let's see if someone can bring back Mine this time. Really digging the color scheme you've been using these past few pages.
Lovely update, the characters are coming along so nicely and my heart feels for little Itzli!

Hope you're feeling on the up and up today and all is well :)
Enjoying this comic so, great artstyle and plot with well rounded characters. Can't wait to see where it goes next, keep up the good work and happy bday comic :)
I don't cry but I'll tell you I'm tearing up a little right now. To have been reading this for so long, to have watched their lives go by these past years. It's been wonderful and fantastic even if they are just fictional. I am so happy for them and can't wait to see their wedding day, it's sure to be a memorable one. Even now I can still think back to Jordan and Harrison's first meeting and just, wow... :')
Gosh this couple every time... I think they're absolutely wonderful :)
A wonderful start! I'm highly enjoying the story and it's design I hope to see both of them flourish in the future :D
I can see it now, Araceli comes home demanding cute little children from her fiancee :3
Why is Leighton dressed like Luke Skywalker?