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General Likes: comics, art, colors, rainbows, five-pointed stars, soft things, video games, pokemon, Miyazaki, drawing,

General Dislikes: Dogs, Horse-movies, monkeys, the dark, holes, owls, being wet and cold at the same time, lame asses


Food: SOUP!
Drink: Soda
Movie: Death Proof, Watership Down, Ratatouille, Interstella 5555, The Shining, Clockwork Orange
Book: 1984
Manga: Prolly Detective Conan
Anime: Mushishi
Music artist: Scissor Sisters, Porcupine Tree, Daft Punk, Interpol
Pastime: Drawing<3

Hopes for the Future: I REALLY wanna become a better artist. I want to be the best I can be and become confident in my work finally. Comics are one way I can obtain that.
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    vampire cuttlefish
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Bobby is a girl. a girl.
Kingsley has the power to open doors via wire manipulation. There's still a bit of electricity in the city, so that's why Kingsley's able to channel it with the two cut wires and hot wire the door (lol).
I hate this page for the most part. Couldn't get it to look right.
First page of chapter 1. No chapter page, cuz I haven't uploaded it yet. Kingsley's a bit concerned and Miles's just miserable... lol
... @_@ bugs...
Kingsley's such a gentleman.
yyyyyup. He is.
Pfffff lol....
Maybe this'll work... hopefully. Smackjeeves's giving me shit.
Here we meet the two main characters, Kingsley (the girl) and Miles (the boy).
Here's the cover page. It features Kingsley.
Wow! Hella awesome pacing! Luvly!
They seem really close to eachother, the way Kou-han can understand and accept what Midori-kun is saying <3 ... I understand how both are feeling! So much tension!