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i love sports, drawing, cooking, and hetero-love =P
i'm hoping drawing comics will help me improve my drawing and story development skills =]

status of comics...
little miss sunshine- under renovation...
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Here's another preview to version 2! i had to change my beginning a bit cuz it wasn't very original...

when i update, i'll probably update with a couple pages at a time so that i can start with the new stuff asap =D
ahh thank you for your input!! =D
i'l1 keep the original pages up until i catch up =]
Hey guys!

so i've been meaning to improve LMS but never found the strength... and here i am!

Here's a preview of the new style i have! the cover is very similar to the first...

The story will be VERY similar to the first, just cleaner. i don't know if i should keep the old pages tho =/ it'll get repetitive and i know people will get confused when the story starts all over again with new art... i guess i'll leave the old stuff up until i'm caught up with the new style.

Also, sorry for the long post and thank you to all that commented while i was away!
SPAM! i want more.

ahh a quickie page. band camp has started for me recently. yes. band camp =P. fricken 9 hrs a day... also, i've got a lot of homework to do before school starts so i don't know when i'll update next...

i'm currently working on/writing a more original, developed version of this comic... so there is a slight possibility that i might redraw this comic =/

BTW. i want to give love to all my readers who comment! <3 i should start replying!
quick question
at the top with the bear media player, is jack next to it or floating on top of mike?
on my cpu jack was floating =/

THANK YOU ALL for answering <3
ideally, i would like jack next to the bear. i soon found out that he was floating cuz my firefox wasn't updated
ahh sooo adorable =D
August 8th, 2008
ahh i've fallen in love with your comic!
it's absolutely adorable! and humorous =D
quick favor!
at the top with jack, the bear, and mike, what does it look like?

are they lined up in a straight line?
it should look fine on explorer but i'm not sure about firefox. it could be just a firefox problem.

(on my pc jack is floating ontop of the mike while on my laptop they're lined up next to each other which is the way i want it)
hehe amaya-12 gave me the perfect word/idea to describe jack - ASSERTIVE- i couldn't think of a better word to use on this page.
WOOO! i wanna see more...
i wanna see that special someone... =P
gnarly story and art =D

her cubicle looks so much better than his lol
for me, this page is just eh....
lol the first two pages were HIGHLY influenced by chocolate cosmo cuz i was having a really hard time starting this comic out. though i've only read the first 10 pages in that manga so i don't know too much about it =/

but the rest will be as original as i can get.

(so many ideas out there make things cliche)
love the first panel lol

the computer thing actually looks better =]
this is sooo cute!!

coming soon!
only the cover for now, but i've got pages already made.

be patient =]
ohh no... poor hades
did not see that coming. ironic indeed