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Soen Kai
I'm 50 / 50 a student of the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf / Germany working on my bachelor degree in "communicational design" and a comicartist (mangaartist) for Carlsen Comics and other German publishing houses.

It both eats lots of my time, so I don't really have other hobbies besides drawing (if sleeping doesn't count XD) and reading manga & comics.

If you want know more about me and get infos and cool stuff about what I do you can follow me in various ways~ I'm always happy to talk to you guys!

Twitter: ChironSan



I'll be glad to see you there!~ ;D
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Hi, thank you for your interest! =)

I'm currently working on another comic I'm not allowed to show online. But TEN and it's spin-offs are just on hiatus. I already have three new spin-offs planned that I will upload fully here when it's time. =)
Don't worry it will absolutely not be dropped. ;D (I love my boys too much and I'm already working on their universe since 2001)
;///A///; Thank you again and again!
Haha, you're right.
See, I _really_ can hardly form a proper sentence now after all this time. I didn't even get that one right. *laughs*
Yes, Cursed Verlag is shipping worldwide. =)
I'm sorry, but this is not possible. The comic is published and the publisher has the license. I can't just go around and upload it somewhere to make money (?) off it without them.
If you're unsure, please contact the shop / publisher. Ówo I just write the books and the how to. The Shop / Site is not mine.
^//o//^ Thank you! I'm looking forward to working on them! ♥
Hi! =D
Sure, just email to
The third volume of TEN consists of all 9 chapters as always. ^^ Meaning, the 6 chapters that are online plus the last three "missing" chapters.
Just to make sure you get a tutorial for my own shop too. OwO
I was kinda sure it would automatically translate to the language set in your browser. O_O hmmmmmm
Soen Kai
April 28th, 2017
Helloes~ =)
It's never too late to order the eComic. ^^

I made a little tutorial for you:
I got big and awesome news for you today for all you TEN fans out there!

While at the bookfair in Leipzig one usually isn't just at the artist alley, signing books or killing the stage's speakers with ones immensely bass voice (XD jk). No. One also has coffee-dates with their editor or publisher.

So I sat down with Julia, the publishing director of Cursed Verlag and talked about our future.
The result is as follows:

I - for now - will not start a new project (see -> Faker's Light) but will DRAW MORE SPIN-OFFS AND DOUJINSHIS FOR TEN!
The format and length will be like [TORRENT] (though this one stays self published for now). Those spin-offs and doujinshi will then be published by Cursed but I could negotiate a very special treat for you:

How do you like dem apples? ;D
XD You got that right. ♥
Soen Kai
March 2nd, 2017
^^ There you go.
You can find a summary of the missing three chapters in the description of the first chapter of volume 2:
=) After that there's 6 chapters to read for free again.
Soen Kai
February 17th, 2017
Hello there, guest. =)
Sadly the homepage is not translated and I can't tell if they ever will do it, which is why I made the "how to" with detailed translations here.
Sorry for the inconvenience. ._.
You can buy ebooks instead of the printed books. The links are all up there as well. ^^

Also, you can find an updated "How to order" here:
@Dancing Brony
=) Actually he lost his memories when he fell into the ocean. (Hitting his head)
Soen Kai
January 17th, 2017
I see now, that the shop system flooped up my shipping preferences when it updated to the new layout. X__________X
I changed it back, so it should work now.
Soen Kai
January 17th, 2017
O. O I do though? I do worldwide. ^^