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...I don't know if it's the bookmark proximity or what, but seeing this made my mind go straight to Question Duck.
Alright, some counterexamples to 'all sprite comics are bad' that, from the tone, I would guess many of you will ignore (but I like spreading good media, so here goes):
- Kid Radd (, which hit all of CityBreak's list, and focuses heavily on the implications of a game character gaining self-awareness. Also, like 50% of the archive is animated--the original purpose for spriting.
- A Path to Greater Good (, again all original sprites, and the artist regularly experiments with different styles and formats to see what works best. You can see his tinkering in the archives, and the writing is quite exceptional.

I do some spriting myself, but I do it to actually put art assets in game projects. I don't claim to be an artist--I'm a programmer--but unfailingly, every single school project I've worked on, the artists have failed to provide the assets we needed (at all, in most cases, and in anything resembling a timely manner in others). Now, I'm not saying that logically follows to a condemnation of webcomic artists--it would take some crazy moon logic to draw that conclusion--but in defense of sprites, if I had had to take the time to draw out all of the walk cycles, all of the jump cycles, all of the damage cycles, and all of the other particular animations I've had to do without holding myself to the time-saving rules of spriting, I would have been incapable of providing the assets for our game projects.

Sprite comics do have a lower barrier to entry than fully illustrated webcomics, yes. Sprites are intended to be used again and again in their original media--which makes using them again and again in webcomic media understandable, if not necessarily as artistically good as redoing them every frame.

Since sprite comics have a lower barrier to entry, lower quality sprite comics will be more common than lower quality regular comics.

It does not logically follow that this makes the form itself inferior. It's simply easier. It would be like saying drawing and digital inking is inferior to actual inking just because the process is more forgiving.
I find it more annoying that game books (like 40k reference or Exalted stuff) ends up getting shelved in the manga sections in pretty much every non-specialty bookstore (meaning 'not a gaming store') I've been in.
For me, it'd probably go something like, "Well, didn't see that one coming." Then, after an awkward pause, "You still play PSO?"
This question brings us to the difference between speed and velocity--speed is purely 'rate of travel,' meaning it's a ratio of distance traveled per unit time (meters per second, miles per hour, feet per minute, fathoms per tick). Velocity is speed with a direction--if an object turns in its path but remains at a constant speed (like the Earth revolving around the sun), its velocity is still changing.
March 28th, 2011
Irrational Answer
Our galaxy is moving as fast as a panicked man running out of a bathroom.

Also, space marines may look awesome, but they lack the specialization I prefer in my virtual armed forces.

Namely, more dakka.
March 28th, 2011
Y'know how every once in a while, the answer to the last one's question is sort of shown in the next one?

Let's go ahead and give the scientific process the middle finger for a moment and assume this is always true.

So for this one, batteries are recycled by SPACE MARINES.
February 22nd, 2011
It's his every-situation-he-encounters face. That's a useful one to have.