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Feel Better
The important thing is to rest and regenerate... I mean heal. Get better soon. We will still be here.
January 5th, 2012
I do enjoy seeing your sketches in both DA and on here. So glorious and detailed!
This is pendragonvamp from I just wanted to see your comic here. Just as you've had years before, your art is truly something. I always love looking and your characters and your stories are engrossing. Good to see you on smackjeeves now.
I wanted to do some random drawings of my characters Xavier and Juliette.
I've decided that I am going to shade my comic. I might redo the previous pages but from now on I am going to incorporate shading for fun! I love to shade things anyway...
Luck or Persistence?
Little late but I still wanted to place it....

I like his persistence.
FINALLY! I had been waiting for an update! I'm not traditionally a fan of anthros but yours are so irresistible! Thanks for the update and don't let school bother you too much.
There it is... a bit ahead of schedule but still...
It only took me 3 days to read from start to now (working 10-12hr days and my own comic is the reason why) and I have to say that this is so incredibly awesome! I love your art style and your story is sooo cute. I was talking to a comic colleague of mine and told her she had to read it! Bravo! You have made a great manga here!
I would do the same thing as Ren... No one touches or kisses me without permission... Your style is so cute and the story makes me laugh. I read this when I'm bored at work!
Your art style and story finess is poignant and a delight. I look forward to reading the next installment and reading this helped me through the doctor's the other day. Thanks for posting!
So it begins!
I'm actually having fun! This is a story that has been coming together for a year or two starting with the rival race of the ones in this comic. Sometime later I will bring in the Torcal Race... the Archaicth race's enemy. For now enjoy Xavier and his daily 'duties'... muwahah
Thanks for taking the time to start this journey! Being my first comic, I am rather nervous but I figure that there's nothing else to lose unless I don't do it at all! For now I am not shading... I might later.

Please enjoy "Shadow Assistant Chronicles"