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Comic book writer, stay-at-home father, bass player, uke player, geek.
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The last one of these. Back to actual comic pages soon. I've been focused on finishing and printing a few projects for the Wellington Zinefest this coming weekend ... mostly trying to finish a cookbook, The Corporate Climber's Cookbook (Mangement Layer Cake, anyone?) ... so I've been a bit slack on the drawing, but I'll be back with a vengeance next week.
Doctor characters in Star Trek, heck, in Science Fiction, are often really annoying. There's one wonderful holographic exception to that rule. But he did have an attitude similar to a certain medical person in Twin Peaks.
Vulcans ... the Josie Packard's of the Trek universe. Or was Josie the Vulcan of the Peaks world? One of those.
Ah, the cherry stem trick. Best done by preparing one and placing it in your mouth ahead of time, then substituting the stems in your mouth.
The 'joke' being the actor that played the Romulan Commander later returned to the series as Spock's father.
A cheap shot at Janeway.
Both actresses returned as doppelgangers of themselves in their respective series. Both had careers that tanked for years afterwards, only for both of them to be back again about now. Both were taken from us before their time. Only one of them had sex with an android.
I've been slowly getting back into the swing of things after recovering from an illness. The third star wars conversation is being drawn, but until it's finished there's an interlude of some drawings I've been doing as a way of getting back on the horse, so to speak. So please enjoy Trek Peaks … - See more at: CZ0do.dpuf
As a kid I must have read that damn book half a dozen times. Then The Empire Strikes Back came out and none of it made any sense any more.
Sorry for the slow update. I've been a bit sick.
You have to imagine that last background swirling about.
Um ... well ... just don't think about it too hard.
It doesn't make sense. None of it does. But that won't stop me.