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My bf is the same way! It makes me feel so bad >.<
@I have mace:
You just made me enjoy today's comic that much more. :)
Special announcement: Your art is epic.


That is all. :)
Betty Rubble
Soooo, I totally still thought it was a costume party up until the end. Rhi's sister's outfit reminds me of Betty Rubble's and her friend's reminds me of Wilma's (only a diff color). ^///^
This has so been my first experience too. :( so far, I hate it as much as I did high school.
He's so cute, babbling like that. :)
And indeed, milk is a thousand times better than alcohol and drugs. Not that I'd know >.> lol.
For a second, i so thought that plop! was something else...with all the pigeons around. Awesome art, btw!
This is adorable! I love it!
what a beautiful crash scene
I love how even your 'prop' characters in the background ooze personality. ^^ Come to think of it...they have their own little lives, don't they?
Can't wait
You've got yourself a new fan! This is so cute! And I'm in love with Dietrich. He's so innocent like, plus the accent/dialect thingy is awesome. Keep working when you can!
This entire thing is so cute!
Wahhhhhh! So ca-yute!
April 22nd, 2011
Where's my deian! lol. Cute tho!
What program do you use to make these comics? How do you scan it?
ooh ^^
Decided to look back at the comics! I forgot how awesome the landscape on this page was. Did you make it?
NY sucks
I love the saying behind Ben on the board
February 28th, 2011
Love it! Especially when Peggy was 'vogue-ing'