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Crusade the Hedgehog
My nicknames: Crusade, Rusty, Big Brother, Paladin

political orientation: kronloyal

favourite phrases:

- True strength does not come from physical strength, but rather from indomitable will.

- Confidence is courage, loyalty is power.

- Unthinking Respect is the greatest Enemy of the Truth.

My occupation: sophomore of Theology and Philosophy

My hobbies: Swordmanship, writing, drawning and cooking

I like: Knights, Swords and medieval armour, steam locomotives, Pokemon, Sonic, One piece

I dislike: Guns, Drugs, Pickles and Almond paste

My music: Hard Rock, Metal, Orchestral

latest chapter of LoM: Finished!
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    Marec Julian Petersen
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@shadowmwape: Your comment annoys me for several reasons. I rly feel like just deleting it.
1. How exactly does this exceeds aether? How does it work? In which ways does it exceed aether? I would like to know that.
2. You can´t know everything about aether, as long as it only appeared once in the comic. You werent even shown all facettes of it.
3. You dont even explain the mechanics behind your form that exceeds aether.We did at least that!
4. Your comment has nothing to do with the comic, its just advertising for your own.
5. Your link is a recolor... i can only guess that you mean the character crusade as a recolor of sonic, or what?

nuff said. There´s just no content in your comment, just empty talking.
@i am a guest: I think we all saw that she is light after all :P
And for the second point: I know it but you have to wait and find out
@Guest: tobe honest, we don´t know it... Drown got a lot with school, and I with studying. But the story shall definetly continue, thats for sure.
@Alex the Great: what? claymore is named after the sword of william wallace, an scottish rebel against the british king. and hikari was chosen because of the element. but indeed, drowns parents are namend after characters in bionicle(love it).
@Ultima the God:
I´ve got no problem with your fave, on the contrary as ou can imagine. And about your opinion: I have some other people who comment my story in such critical ways too. But this smartly "elsewhere- in the world of...", really disturbs me. You as a writer should well know how difficult it is to write something that nobody wrote before. Hope you understand my point.

And sorry about the name, it´s just: I´m a sophomore of theology and so I´m a bit critical with such things.
@Ultima the God:
Well, I can´t see a reason to be as kind as my brother... you´re annoying, you little "god". This name is not even ridicolous, it´s even absolutely arrogant an self-indulgent. Do you really think anyone will take you serios with that name? If you don´t like the comic, then just don´t read it... But yes, you are the only one who has trouble reading the font, we never had problems with it before. Except that, everyone should have his or her own opinion, of course.
So I guees she was the one who saved Crusade and the others from Drake xD
Its not something from the first cahpter. Remember, the objets of the first chapter were more like ufo´s.