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POKEMON FTW! Don't you agree? I have a Pokemon Website but I'm still coding a lot of it. I joined SmackJeeves because of Shinka: The Last Eevee. It inspired me. My comics are usually only read by my class but now the whole world can read Battle Of The Best! Yay!
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hm... i got nothing. Too many eevee eggs sounds a bit like me though xD
@Tigeri102: No! In SoulSilver I bred my male Typhlosion(which is my starter) with a Ditto and I got two eggs.
Right, what do you use to draw this?
What... This is a Minish Cap dungeon? Why have I not arrived there yet on my ROM hack of it!
@HKim: that's normal lol
Whatever you sayin it dont entertain mah ego, i do this everyday hocus pocus is my stylo, i got the maggiiic in me, i go thte magic baby! everytime i touch that track it turns into goold, yes it turns into gold! xD It seemed appropriate for the occasion
Can I Join? >3<
Name: The Lone Miner
Nick: Lone
Gender: Female
Type of Pokemon: Shinx
Personality: Lone thinks she's the best. She's fought creepers, skeletons, zombies, demon eyes, eaters of souls, survived the corruption and destroyed a dungeon in complete darkness. When she was turned into a Pokemon she became a shinx, and then explored on her own for a while. I'd say, Brave, Stubborn, Caring, and attaches easily, because she only knew her wolf
Anything Special: You played Minecraft? Lone used to be a miner, and she would mine all day and all night, and even lived in caves! They called her the Lone Miner, then she was turned into a Shinx, cuz Sashu(me) said so.

Name: Albeo
Nick: Aeo(like aero without the r)
Gender: Male
Type of Pokemon: Riolu
Personality: Same as Lone, only he makes better desicions and knows when to go in or back off. He is the first person Lone meets, and they travel together.
Anything Special: He is an albino riolu? all white and black
@redmage777(guest): probably cuz it stops her from getting hurt by fire attacks? that could pose a problem.
@The blue fox - XD! That would be hilaaaaaaarious!
i rlly wanna do that to im
XD she stuffed him. At least let the thing digest them!
Terror Flynn Ok Ok and this comic dont really go together. -FT-
Hey, hey, hey, I just found my way!
It's like, Don't you remember? No. (cries in a corner cuz its mminecrfat cant pla on 1.5 servers
i dont even have pokemon black yet and i want that victini
@Nyan(guest) - DOn't you know that in HGSS you can get surfing pikachu in yellow forest? or was it some other game?
Elo, u awake?
Man, for people to talk to you on chatango they need to know which chat ur gonna be on.
Look at my comic?
Hey I'm making a comic too its on, It's called Pokemon Quest and it's part mystery dungeon comic only i use pokemon ranger spites
Lucario FTW
That Lucario artwork is aweshumz. Now I can draw lucario like youz, the way i should. Does lucraio appear in the story? If so, TELL MEH WHERE!!!