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I am an Otaku and a Gamer til death. I enjoy making new friends and I give every game a chance...speaking of games I play YGO as well :D
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Question. Since the duel capture system was still in effect, wouldn't it have dragged him off to or keep her on? I would have liked to see her fall of the truck(not mean) under more epic circumstances such as: Him delivering the final blow, dropping her to 0 LP, ending the duel capture, and sending her flying or something like that. Its good so far though.
Epic Cover
The color looks awsome on this page
Rupert seems like a bad guy on this page and I think its kool xD
Haha "BIP" *Drags cards to recycling bin*
If you'd let me, 'd gladly give you some ideas on new cards. i make them everyday in school basically
Taisuke loos Awsome in frame 4
Haha I'd want the Gintenmo 46 too xD
My favorite character of your show :D Im the guy you met in the wilson mall btw